Thu Nov 9, 2006 04:21

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, I think the obvious message sent across the nation and around the world from our midterm elections Tuesday is that ALL Americans are sick to death of this rogue government in D. C. and we are taking our country back from these neocons!!!

Romsfeld is leaving; Rove is eating crow and maybe be forced to leave; Chaney is loosing his "buddy" (Romsfeld) and may be will quit; may be Chertoff will do something that will force him to leave; and then we have Georgie Porgie and Condi, who will hopefully be next to exit their positions.

HOPE the House of Representatives Speaker will begin SERIOUS impeachment decisions towards Geogie Porgie and bring in his gangstas' (ALL whose crimes were committed under the War Crimes Act) thereby making them elligable for punishment by imprisonment.

Go read at Drudge Report the comments from around the world by various world leaders and how glad everyone is regarding the major change in Congress and a hopeful shift of this nation's government for dealing with issues that will result in NO MORE WARS!!!

Is it too late to stop what has already been put into motion regarding the crimes, lies, etc. committed by this government against American citizens and around the world?

I hope not; I hope this begins a new page towards a major change in this nation and its influence in the world.


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