PigAlousie--California's Witch
Sat Nov 11, 2006 08:19

,Can you believe it,this bag of sh!t,in the next day after the election--she meets with Bushel of Shit Junior??
Oh Yah ! she ain't going to impeach the scum and any investagation into Iraq invasion--because the Dems took part in it----
Pelousie,a multi $millionair, a wanna Beee Jew and two timing closet CatOlick-- brags her children speak Hebrew and the whole FKD-up family goes to Sinagods and celabrates all that Jewish crap. 
But wait,she surrounds herself with Jewish neighbours and politicks and ass kisses AIPAC and loves ISraehell.And what do we know about her daddy--a crookedMafia Mayor of Baltimore since 1947-like they say--always behand the Mafia a Jew is controlling.
Sorry--folks,the media is pushing this bitch for speacker of the house--the Jews want a Wop in to control ofAmerica. Get the torches and pitch forks and burn the witch-- 

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