OK, been waiting for this.........
Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:26

Like the rest of you, I wouldn't know if this opposition to the sitting party would work. There was no way to tell, but its not going to so I have been thinking about how to override or go around these jerks. Here is what I came up with and let me know if you agree. If you do, then we can coordinate this action.

I say lets do a nationwide petition from all over the country and do it quickly to be presented to the house of representatives by January 21st when they take office. Lets coordinate the language on it to include exiting from Iraq, impeachment, investigations and outline the salient points that support our request. We also want to include the overturning of our constitutional gutting legislation.

What do you say??? I think we can do it if everyone who is posting on this site does it. I have other sites and so do you that you visit where we can all recruit people. I say we take it back ourselves and let them know we are unhappy with them already. OK? Let me know everyone.



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