COSY PELOSI is a worry !!
Fri Nov 10, 2006 10:12

When I saw Pelosi being cosy with George Bush I immediately had grave doubts about the chances of the previously gutless Democrats doing anything in respect to IRAQ or the criminal President and his Administration.

It looks to me as if the American people have been shafted once again - I hope I am wrong, but I bet I am not!!

If the Democrats seek to govern, they need to get a grip on the seriousness of the mess in Iraq, they need to get out of Iraq and fast. They should also impeach Bush and Cheney, but will they do it - no way. The Democrats will 'stay the course'.

So America you are about to get more of the same I'm afraid, and the world will descend into further chaos and bloodshed, compliments of that shining light of 'Freedom and Democracy' the good old USA.

From a political perspective Pelosi just doesn't have it - no oomph! She does not come across to me as a person who has a grip on the desperate state of the USA or the balls to fix it.

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