Speaker Piglosi will clean the swamp
Thu Nov 9, 2006 13:17

Speaker Piglosi will clean the swamp
Nancy Pelosi @ Take Back America 2006

PoliPundit.com Secure Fence Act
Speaker Piglosi will clean the swamp. Comment by Tina. She should know how, she lives in one. ... Nancy Pelosi is a mother and a grandmother. ...

Daily Kos: Irate, Partisanized Moderates
I just wish more of our Democratic leadership would find theirs, Pelosi included. ... with "clean the swamp." In a way he still would. ...

Why did 65 US Senators break a solemn oath?

Bush, Nancy Pelosi Try to Reconcile
Forbes, NY - 8 hours ago
... economy that still fails many. Now, President Bush and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi are making nice. Within hours of an election ...

Charlie Rose - REP. PELOSI

Nancy Pelosi @ Take Back America 2006
House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi gave a speech following Sen. Hillary Clinton's address to the thousands of activists gathered in Washington, DC for ...
PoliticsTV.com - 18 min - Oct 31, 2006

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