The Brandon Corey Story - Brandon Corey is Jim Petulla
Thu Nov 9, 2006 15:49

Brandon Corey: A Lesson In Research: By Kentroversey

Earlier this afternoon, I was given a link to watch a DVD on the GOOGLE VIDEO website. It was for something called THE BRANDON COREY STORY, a documentary supposedly filmed to capture Dick Cheney shapeshifting into a reptilian alien hybrid. The cover art for the DVD package was gory and provocative, showing 'Brandon Corey' with his index and pinkie fingers cut off. Before I watched the 93 minute presentation, I wondered skeptically how they were going to handle the subject of a man who had two fingers cut off. I wanted to know exactly, what was Brandon Corey's story? And, was it a true story, or some well-crafted disinformation piece, designed to damage the credibility of those who are seriously studying and researching this reptilian shapeshifting phenomenon?   

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