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Sun Nov 12, 2006 07:02

Perhaps Judicial has the answer to the conjecture: why Pelosi is So Cozy? With the RATPACK. Here:

Cos Pelosi is a 'Peloski' through her Mafia friendly daddy. Argentinian Jew. Then she is married to a Jew, and her kids are also. She is a Jewess 'at heart', because she is ONE. Implant.

Now, am very dissapointed and PISSED that so many Demos so quickly have turned coats, but that's how insidious the ratpack is. Here's a link to a group already starting an Impeachment drive. Anyone knows how genuine these people are? Not a diversion from the Pack itself? Please comment.

BTW, the jews are getting ready to take over the country, directly. Pelosi is a closet jewess, then there is Emmanuel -mossad, Lieberman, and Schummer hanging the coat tails... and Hillary, a CIA asset, will Kiss the PACK anytime they ask.

And yes, it's a matter of TWO wings of the same Fried Chicken. What's needed is a People's Party to clean the MESS.

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