I am thoroughly disgusted........
Sat Nov 11, 2006 11:35

... I had hoped I was wrong about there being no difference between the two parties, but now that I know Pelosi is kissing up to AIPAC I have lost all hope. Now its time for US THE AMERICAN PEOPLE TO DO THE DEEDS THAT NEED TO BE DONE.

We must coordinate language for developing a petition that has to be distributed throughout the US and delivered to the new congress in January when they are sworn in. Its the only way and if they ignore millions of signatures then we have to consider other options. I am afraid we are back to where we were before the elections. I thought that would be the case , but now I am sure of it. THERE IS NO TWO PARTY SYSTEM, ITS TWO FACES OF THE SAME PARTY AND NEITHER OF THEM ARE REPUB OR DEM, THEY ARE FASCISTS. ITS THAT SIMPLE.

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