Sat Nov 11, 2006 21:39

Gates and crew are used to doing things behind closed doors, without congress knowing that the F** is going on.
Rumsfeld did it too, but i think Gates is probabaly better at it.
They both steal from your tax $ though, going to dirty contractors etc....

I think Rummy was probably head dog of the dirty DOD contractors association!
At least Gates isnt quite the Neo-Con Rummy was, at least lets hope.

Mr. Gates served as Acting DCI 18 December 1986 - 26 May 1987.

Fifteen DCIs' First 100 Days
CIA History Staff
Editor's Note: These brief sketches convey some sense of the pace and preoccupations of 15 Directors of Central Intelligence (DCIs) in their first 100 days. No regular cycles or predictive patterns emerge; some DCIs eased into their jobs, while others found themselves suddenly reacting to wars, scandals, or investigations. Nevertheless, DCIs Smith, McCone, Schlesinger, Colby, and Gates managed major changes in CIA's structure and mission in the 100-day span.

CIA connected University, which runs an own cloning program. President since May 2002, Robert M. Gates served as director of the CIA from 6 November 1991 until 20 January 1993. Gates joined the CIA in 1966 and spent nearly 27 years as an intelligence professional, serving six presidents. Gates is member of the board of directors of TRW, Inc. (->), NACCO Industries, Inc., and Parker Drilling Company, Inc. (-> ANSER -> Aaron Cohen, Jay C Davis) (See Fema-TaskForces)
"some of the real
perpetrators of 9/11 are also hiding at SAIC." The San
Diego engineering conglomerate is "controlled by at
least two former CIA bosses, John Deutch and Robert
Gates. SAIC is meanwhile connected with one anthrax
suspect, the 'maintenance' of e-voting machines,
former OEM-Director Jerome Hauer." Not to mention "the
audition of Venezuela's oil company PDVSA, plus equity
partners like Bechtel, Danet, Saudi SAI, DigiLens or
Adnan Khashoggi Linked to 9/11 Terrorists, Part 35:
Fear and Loathing at the NSA


May 20, 1990

With CIA and NSA intelligence reports revealing that Pakistan and India were on the verge of a nuclear exchange, President Bush sends his top nuclear expert, Robert Gates, to Islamabad. Gates warns President Khan and his top general that Pentagon war games have demonstrated that there is no way that Pakistan could win a war with India, and that Pakistan need not expect any help from the US despite the fact that Pakistan had been an ally of the US in the long, supposedly "covert" war in Afghanistan. Gates extracts a promise from the Pakistanis to close down their training camps for Kashmiri insurgents. [Richard J. Kerr, deputy director of the CIA described the crisis as "the most dangerous nuclear situation we have ever faced since I've been in the US government.... far more frightening than the Cuban missile crisis." Why did the public know nothing of this at the time (unlike the hour-by-hour bulletins during the fear-ridden days of the Cuban crisis)?

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