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WARNING,Baghdad is now almost surrounded.
Sun Nov 12, 2006 14:21

Baghdad is almost encircled and under siege (Anyone remember Custer’s last stand at “The Little Big Horn”) The news not in the news: Baghdad is now almost surrounded.
By Patrick Cockburn in Arbil, Northern Iraq Published: 01 November 2006 >
"Baghdad is under siege, Sunni insurgents have cut the roads (supply lines for food and fuel), linking the city to the rest of Iraq. And the rest of the country is being partitioned as militiamen fight bloody battles for control of towns and villages north and south of the Baghdad.(than leaves only supplies by air, but the planes are very vunerable to shoulder lauched--- heat seeking---- surface to air missles.)
As American and British political leaders argue over responsibility for the crisis in Iraq, the country has taken another lurch towards disintegration.

Wednesday, November 1
Jeff Severns Guntzel, Electronic Iraq, 1 November 2006
Once every couple of months, there is a dispatch from Iraq in London's Independent from Patrick Cockburn. The dispatch usually comes from beyond the borders of the capital and beyond the daily headlines of car bombs, political fault-lines, and sectarian violence.
Cockburn's latest dispatch is no exception. As headlines focus on the lifting of a joint U.S.-Iraqi siege of the Baghdad neighborhood of Sadr City, Cockburn writes:
Sunni insurgents have cut the roads linking Baghdad to the rest of Iraq.
"As American and British political leaders argue over responsibility for the crisis in Iraq," he continues, "the country has taken another lurch towards disintegration."
upwards of 1,000 Iraqis are dying violently every week;
Shia fighters have taken over much of Baghdad; the Sunni encircle the capital;
the Iraqi Red Crescent says 1.5 million people have fled their homes within the country;
the Shia and Sunni militias control Iraq, not the enfeebled army or police.
The U.S. military may not be calling the situation in Iraq a civil war, but the New York Times shows the situation inching ever closer to what they would at least define as pure "chaos."
Cockburn, in his dispatch, notes: "The scale of killing is already as bad as Bosnia at the height of the Balkans conflict."
Webster Tarpley on Jeff Rense Nov. 9th quoted the above article and added that the US ocupation war machines will grind to a halt very soon without gasoline, the only source of which is up the 2 roads from Kuwaite, which are now controlled by the “insurgents”. Without food and water and ammunition shipments forces in the capatal will be sitting ducks. When the circle is completed south of the capital the encirclement will be complete, and then there could be a huge massacre
One Iraq National resistance leader was quoted today as saying, ”We want the Americans to stay now, so we can kill them all”.
Better to BRING THEM ALL HOME NOW while they are still alive!

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