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Audio: Technocracy - "Rule by Secretry"
Sun Nov 12, 2006 01:59


Audio: Technocracy

Phillip D. Collins discusses Technocracy on the Byte Show.
Technocracy as a means of social control. Where a empirical"science" based elite of "experts" control a tightly mechanized society through government by means of policy making bodies and think tanks. The occult origins of Technocracy and it's collectivist, socialist, and anti-freedom nature. Francis Bacon's vision of Technocracy in "The New Atlantis". Where an elite of Doctors, Psychologists, Engineers, and other "science" based philosophies work in tandem with secret societies and government to determine the direction of a "beehive" society where individuals are mere cogs in the collective machine. The ancient Priests of Baal have been replaced by the "Scientific" Elite.
Plus more.

Listen: "Rule by Secretry"
Part 1 (60 min):

Part 2 (43 min):


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