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Tue Nov 7, 2006 20:28

ONLINE COVERAGE ELECTION NIGHT OF ELECTION PROBLEMS AND ELECTION PROTECTION WORK AROUND THE NATION including nationwide election night radio and streaming internet news coverage hosted by Brad Friedman and Peter B. Collins with many special guests! While everyone else is covering the horserace, we'll be covering the meltdown! Broadcast over multiple affiliates and the Internet. All outlets are invited to carry the broadcast free of charge!

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$500,000 ELECTION FRAUD REWARD FUND to encourage whistleblowers to share information about election rigging. This reward will be paid for information about election fraud leading to overturning a House or Senate race and conviction of the person or persons responsible.

CAMPAIGN FOR EMERGENCY PAPER BALLOTS in every state - Our call for Emergency Paper Ballots in the November 7th election was introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate but was not passed prior to the fall recess. Our campaign has now moved to the state level as a broad coalition of election integrity organizations and leaders call upon Secretaries of State, Governors and State Election Directors to ensure that no legally registered voter can ever be turned away without being allowed to cast a vote.

DAYS OF DEMOCRACY will showcase some of the most egregious acts against fair elections during the days preceding the election. This effort will focus on communities around the nation as individuals and organizations fight for transparent, verifiable elections in face of electronic voting, disenfranchisement and other dirty tricks.

ELECTION DAY VIGILANCE CAMPAIGN will work in tandem with to document illegal activities on election-day, and promote groups and citizens providing monitors at polling places around the country, such as We have an election day War Room set up to communicate with all of the major orgs involved in election protection.

EXIT POLLING IN KEY STATES will provide data and information to help us decide if wrongdoing has occurred in elections.

ONGOING LITIGATION EFFORTS to raise money to support continuing lawsuits such as the one we helped launch in the Diebold voting machine "sleepover" fiasco in California’s 50th Congressional district earlier this year: Legal actions before the election aim to ensure that election procedures are followed. After the election we will pursue justice wherever it has been denied.

Velvet Revolution Election Protection Strike Force is a national collaboration of grassroots organizations that have joined forces to reclaim our democracy by rescuing our elections from partisan politics and privatization through citizen oversight.

Tonight, The BRAD BLOG is releasing that report exclusively in full as provided by "a patriotic high-level state official" very close to this situation in the Maryland government.

The original, never-before-released SAIC report was nearly 200 pages in all as completed, and details a number of extraordinary security vulnerabilities found in Diebold's AccuVote-TS (touch-screen) voting systems as deployed by the state of Maryland initially in 2002. The version of the SAIC report that was eventually released to the public, after extreme redaction, was a mere 38 pages long.

Regarded by many in the computer science, security and election integrity community as "The Pentagon Papers of E-Voting", the report as released by MD's State Election Administrator, Linda Lamone, was edited, changed and, of course, highly redacted by someone.

If security vulnerabilities were indeed found in 2003 by SAIC, but subsequently kept covered-up by Diebold or their allies such as longtime booster Lamone, within the MD State Elections division, the question of accountability — and even the specter of malicious out-and-out fraud — has been raised.

During an interview with Abrahams and Stephen Spoonamore, the CEO of computer security firm Cyberinth LCC, on a radio program we co-hosted yesterday, they suggested that an FBI investigation may currently be under way in Maryland concerning several events surrounding the use of Diebold machines in the state.

Given the importance of this never-before-released information — and after close consultation with Abrahams and several others, we believe the national public interest in the information contained in this report requires full and immediate release and disclosure.

– Section 1 [PDF, appx 3mb]
– Section 2 [PDF, appx 8mb]
– Section 3 [PDF, appx 8mb]
– Section 4 [PDF, appx 6mb]
– Section 5 [PDF, appx 2mb]


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