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Important intelligence all Americans should know of the continuing massive damage to these united States of America's National Security:



A senior intelligence official whose agency was involved in preparing the report for the White House told me, somewhat facetiously, that he would drop all objections to Pollard's immediate release if the Israeli government would answer two questions: "First, give us a list of what you've got, and, second, tell us what you did with it." Such answers are unlikely to be forthcoming. The Israeli government has acknowledged that Pollard was indeed spying on its behalf but has refused -- despite constant entreaties -- to provide the United States with a complete list of the documents that were turned over to it.



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I like equality if Billy was impeached for not spelling our what legal Sexual relation meant surely Bush should be impeached for laying to the people and run the country into a financial abyss... \\

What is the difference between "raising taxes or put every thing on a credit card to worry about it later/ because that is what this lying president is doing "We will not raise your taxes Demo will" NO? you just borrow money and pile up debits for the next president to worry about and it took Billy to take us out of the credt card Reagan orgy and here come George... so much for Republican conservatism. ..

Don't tax just borrow money for Saudi Arabia and give it to Israeli and other special interest.

Now chew on that... Bush made a funny remark about "Guillotine" boy at the rate he is going I wish they still had one...

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Right on Erica, but you keep listing only have the problems. And, if a
US citizen breaks a US law they should pay here before they are sent out
of the country.

Oh well, Billy and the demos do fall under the "love of money" category.
But, they should be given all the credit that you give to Georgie, Dicky
and the others.

GI Joe

Erica Stuart wrote:

>As far as I am concerned he can be released provided he will be deprived of his America citizenship and Israel can declare him Israeli and deport him to Israel. And that should be made a clear law that should apply to all US citizens who hold the interest of a foreign nations above the interest of the USA.
>Apart from that from what I read he was not aware what he did was contrary to US Foreign policies and given our Congress and Presidents less than clear position between loyalty to Israel and loyalty to the USA I can see where he might have been confused.
>In other words, he broke NAVY Rules, for the rest I can give a list of other names in our government who jeopardize the interest of tube USA for Israel of other favorite nations and interest all the time. We can start with Bush, Chaney the Neo-Con etc etc. some for loyalty to Israel some for the love of money..

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