Warren Appleton
If the Voters knew about the coverup!
Mon Oct 30, 2006 22:38

Here we are on October 30th, eight days before the mid-term elections. George Bush's rating as "favorable" hovers around 40%, even while the greatest cover up of the most vital news imaginable is still in force by the conspiracy of the owners of the media, which are the International banks that are also the invisible government of our country from the White House down.
What the voters have been prevented from hearing or knowing is the fact that our President, George W Bush and his elite banker crowd, the CFR,have been actively engaged in attempting to merge this country with Mexico and Canada, to form the North American Union, like the EU, as another step to their goal of One World Government.
Imagine what the President's popularity rating would be if the people suddenly found out about this before the election! He would have a minus rating of 95 percent, along with the Republican Party. The Democrat Party knows about this, but they also are under the domination of the same crowd and are allowing the cover up to continue.
Why do you think that the Bush Administration, along with the Democrate are continually passing legislation like the Patriot Acts that are turning the USA into a Police State? May I suggest that it is to control the rage of ordinary Americans when they find out what Bush and the Cover-up artists have been up to.
It is going to be a rougher ride than most of us ever dreamed of for the extreme danger ahead for our very existence as individuals and as a free country.
This is the situation we are in. Only the Lord God can save us now. But why should He,after what He did to Sodom and Rome. Does He still demand repentance for sin? Or does He care if we brush Him aside?

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