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Sun Oct 29, 2006 20:20

Many natural disasters and man-made disasters have already happened. More are going to happen. The man-made disaster that I fear most at this time is a World War 3, which would surely end up with nuclear bombs being used. I've learned that the U.S.A. has sent navy ships over to the Iran area. It appears that the U.S.A. is getting ready to start a war against Iran. China and Russia are allies and business partners with Iran. China has deals for oil and natural gas with Iran. They obviously need those energy resources. A war upon Iran would interfere with those business deals and thus make China mad. A while back I read that China has already said that if Iran is attacked, that they will retaliate. Russia has scientists working in Iran. Such a retaliation could be against Israel, locations where U.S. military are stationed around the world, and the U.S.A. Within the U.S.A. retaliation would most likely be the largest cities, especially along the coast, and military bases.

It is not necessary to have a war upon Iran to protect our country and our citizens. Iran has not done anything to us. Some of the oil that the U.S.A. uses for gasoline comes from Iran. A war upon Iran will stop that oil from coming out of Iran. Then the price of gasoline will go up again probably double or more of what it costs now. I realize that some rich people are getting richer from the costs of war which are being charged to the American taxpayers. I realize that the different cultures in the Middle East have some different philosophies, but if they had the will to do so, they could discuss their differences, negotiate on having changes even if that means each side has to be willing to make changes, and have peace. Peace would be best for the U.S.A. and Israel also. With several countries that are business partners and allies of Iran retaliating against Israel, that country would be completely destroyed. Israel has bomb shelters, but I don't know if there are enough for all of their people. Even if all of the Israeli people survived but with all of their buildings and trees destroyed and their soil nuclear contaminated not able to grow food, what kind of life would that be to come back to? If you are one of the Americans that still thinks that our government officials are doing the things they do such as having wars for the supposed purpose of protecting us, then why is it that our government officials have access to bomb shelters but Americans in the general population don't have access to bomb shelters?

I have written to my U.S. congress members and the Joint Chiefs of Staff (top military leaders) to ask for a World Peace Conference and to not attack Iran because that will lead to a World War 3. Since I wrote to them the Navy ships have been sent to the Iran area. It comes across that even if the government officials that I wrote to agree with me, the higher up government officials and the elites behind the scenes that fund their political campaigns want more wars. A World War 3 will be much worse than the World War 2. Most Americans aren't prepared for a World War 3.

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Please forward this message widely such as to family, friends, and business associates? If each individual that receives this message forwards it on to ten other people, then this important message will get to most Americans.

Deborah Reid

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