KEITH OLBERMANN about tomorrows election
Tue Nov 7, 2006 00:51

OLBERMANN: "This country was founded to prevent anybody from making it up as they went along." Keith delivers another powerful special comment. This time it is about tomorrow's elections 11/07/06.
"And so we look at the verdict in the trial of Saddam Hussein yesterday, and, with the very phrase 'October, or November, Surprise' now a part of our vernacular, and the chest-thumping coming from so many of the Republican campaigners today, each of us must wonder about the convenience of the timing of his conviction and sentencing. "


I doubt that any of you have the time or patience to view this but,
here it is in it's entirety: the special on how 2004 was STOLEN just
as (within all probabilty) ...2006 will be also.

HBO SPECIAL Hacking Democracy - Google Video


Planned Agenda - UN, FEMA In Presidential Executive Orders Bypass U.S. Congress To Become UN World Government (NWO).

The United Nations (UN) is an organization of foreign nations and the USA. The UN Charter is the UN Constitution. (Ref. World Book Encyclopedia)
The UN and the UN Charter were never ratified, voted on by the U.S. Congress.

The UN issues are illegal and are blocked by the U.S. Tax Code 501(c)(3). (Ref. Nonprofit organizations, including religious/spiritual groups, cannot speak out concerning political issues and political campaigns or they can lose their tax-exempt status.)

For more information on the United Nations and the UN Charter:
Meet the Liberty Committee -

HR 1146 - The Liberty Committee, H.R.1146 - The American Sovereignty Restoration Act

Gore Vidal: “The Most Important Election in My Lifetime”

“This is the most important vote that you’ll probably ever cast. Because should this gang of thugs continue in the two houses of Congress, there isn’t any chance of getting the Constitution back”


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