Virginia: FBI Looks Into Voter Intimidation

Virginia: FBI Looks Into Voter Intimidation
Tue Nov 7, 2006 18:59

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Virginia: FBI Looks Into Voter Intimidation
Just ahead of today's election, state officials alerted the US Justice Department to several complaints of suspicious phone calls to voters about where they cast ballots and their preferences for the Senate.

New Rules, Machines Frazzle Poll Workers
Programming errors and inexperience dealing with electronic voting machines frustrated poll workers in hundreds of precincts early Tuesday, delaying voters in Indiana, Ohio and Florida and leaving some with little choice but to use paper ballots instead.

Chris Floyd | Armagideon Time: Bush's Nuclear Folly and the National Security Lie
Chris Floyd writes: "Last Friday, just hours after the New York Times revealed that the Bush administration had posted advanced plans for building nuclear weapons on a public web site for months, six Arab nations formally announced they were launching nuclear programs of their own. The potential for disaster posed by this development is almost immeasurable: everything from Chernobyl-style accidents to the theft or transfer of nuclear material to terrorists to the near-certainty of new atomic arsenals appearing in the powder-keg of the Middle East. The announcement also signals the final and utter failure of the Bush administration's demented 'non-proliferation' strategy."

Military Families, Iraq Veterans Protest Pentagon's Plan to Rush Reserve Call-Ups
Stacy Bannerman reports: "The Pentagon revealed in September that it may change the policy limiting National Guard deployments in order to send more weekend warriors to Iraq after the elections. While most of the media and the American public slept through the news, the family members of more than 400,000 National Guard and Reservists did not."

Election Fixing Charges Fly in Utah County
The Associated Press is reporting that voting in Daggett County Utah is so popular that it now has more registered voters than the county's population. According to AP: "A spokesman for Attorney General Mark Shurtleff says complaints of vote-stuffing in the county are being investigated."

James J. Zogby | Iraq: Front and Center
James J. Zogby writes: "For many Americans, this election is a referendum on the Iraq war and those who led us into it. In the final sprint up to November 7th, Iraq remains uppermost on voter's minds. Polls show that when asked to name the most important issue determining their vote, 'Iraq' is far and away number one. And by an ever increasing margin, voters are dissatisfied with the president's handling of the war."

US Sends Poll Watchers to 69 Jurisdictions
The Justice Department is dispatching more than 850 people to watch the polls in 69 jurisdictions across the country today, focusing primarily on areas with closely contested races or a high number of minority voters. The number of poll watchers is a record for Justice and more than twice the number sent during the 2002 midterm elections. Justice has sent observers and monitors to polls around the country since the Voting Rights Act of 1965 took effect.

Paul Krugman | Limiting the Damage
"President George W. Bush isn't on the ballot Tuesday. But this election is, nonetheless, all about him. The question is whether voters will pry his fingers loose from at least some of the levers of power, thereby limiting the damage he can inflict in his two remaining years in office," writes Paul Krugman.

Pascal Riche | Message
Pascal Riche and le Monde suggest that the world sees today's vote as a referendum on the Bush presidency.

VIDEO | Keith Olbermann: Where Are the Checks, Balances?
"Bush has been 'making it up' for too long, and the people have let him," says Keith Olbermann. "And whatever your motives of the moment, we the people have, in true good faith and with the genuine patriotism of self-sacrifice (of which you have shown you know nothing), we have let you go on making it up as you went along. Unchecked and unbalanced."

VIDEO | History in the Making in Tennessee
A Report by Sari Gelzer and Scott Galindez
When voters go to the polls in Tennessee, they will have the option to elect the first African-American senator in the South since reconstruction. We spent time in Memphis, where we discussed the election with local civil-rights leaders. We also looked into preparations for protecting voters' rights in Tennessee.

VIDEO | TO Election Report: On the Ground in Missouri
A Report by Sari Gelzer and Scott Galindez
With one day to go in a race that could decide the balance of power in the Senate, voters in St. Louis, Missouri, as in the rest of the country, are concerned about the war in Iraq, but the issue that is dominating the debate is stem cell research.


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