(Cont'd) But, in 1963, as my father

Mark White
(Cont'd) But, in 1963, as my father
Mon Nov 3 16:55:35 2003

Cont'd ---

But, in 1963, as my father and I drove home from Dallas, all this was far in the future. I had not begun to think about the implications of the Kennedy assassination, either for me personally or the world, and I was eager to put the depressing events behind me. The football game had been a disappointment--an ordeal, actually, what with its being overshadowed by the assassination, as well as it being miserably cold in the stands and Mansfield losing the game. But there was still my trip to the movies with Paul and Diane. The weekend was not over and could yet be salvaged.

I should explain that Paul and Diane were brother and sister. Paul was a year younger than Diane, but had enrolled in school a year early, which put him in the same grade as us. Paul was my best friend and Diane my sweetheart.

Late in the afternoon, my father drove me to Paul and Diane's house in Mansfield, and we picked them up, then drove to the theatre in Arlington. During the movie, while we watching Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe on the screen, Diane suddenly grabbed my hand. We held hands, awkwardly, for a long time, our hands getting sweaty, neither one of us knowing quite how to gracefully stop holding hands. Finally, somehow or other, we let go.

The next year I left Mansfield. So did Paul and Diane. We lost all contact. Then, 34 years later, I saw them again.

By this time we were all in our 40s. In the interim, I had been married, raised a daughter, divorced, and acquired some notoriety as an underground cartoonist. It was this notoriety which led to our getting back together again. On a November evening in 1998, I was participating in a group book signing for Austin cartoonists at an Austin bookstore. Paul and Diane's younger sister Laura, who was living in Austin, saw my name in ads for the event and came to the bookstore to see if it might be the same Mack White. It was. She told me that Paul was also living in Austin, and that Diane was in Arlington.

Soon afterwards I saw Paul, then a few months later visited Diane at her apartment in Arlington. She lived near Six Flags. From her balcony I could see the very place on I-30 where I had remembered the dream.

Flash-forward a few years: Today, Diane and I are married. We are very happy. And yet, sometime, it feels strange to be together again, to be a part of each other's life again decades later and under such different circumstances--and in such a different world.

The world we grew up in--the world of Mansfield, the Kow Bell, Tiger Stadium, the Farr-Best Theatre, my father's newspaper, Shorty the midget, Bulldog the barber, Johnny the cowboy, and Dallas with its smaller skyline, the days of the New Frontier when Kennedy was president and you could imagine yourself kicking a football into outer space--that world is long gone. Not a day goes by that I do not miss it.

Yes, there was darkness in that world, things that needed to be fixed--those "Whites Only" signs, for instance--but look at the world we find ourselves in now--this strange world, this new millennium, in which planes knock down skyscrapers on live television, and we fight an endless Orwellian war against "terrorism," and Made-in-China-by-Slave-Labor American flags flap on the backs of oil-guzzling SUVs--a world of computer viruses, CIA drugs, a gutted Bill of Rights, and a president whose grandfather was Hitler's U.S. banker and whose president/CIA director father was a business associate of Oswald's best friend in Dallas.

Yes, it is a strange world, and dangerous, and it was born in Dealey Plaza.

Hear Coverage of the Kennedy Assassination
as it was Broadcast on November 22, 1963,
on Dallas Radio Station KLIF at ReelRadio.com

TOP STREAM 16.2Kbps (8Khz)
PLAY KLIF Dallas, November 22, 1963 (1:03:28)

. . . three shots reportedly were fired at the motorcade of President Kennedy today . . .

This recording is completely UNEDITED and direct from the KLIF logger tape. The audio is fair to good, and at times and you will hear an occasional 'ghosting' effect from the original analog tape.

With the fatally wounded President beside her, First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy tries to retrieve a piece of her husband's scalp, seconds after the shooting.

Searched the web for Warren Commission cover up.


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