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Accountability Swept Under the Rug
Mon Oct 23, 2006 02:06


Accountability Swept Under the Rug
BY RON McBRIDE: ELECTIONS 101, 18 October 2006

I remember the war that happened a long time ago. I remember the draft; I will remember this war, the young man that came home in a body bag. In this small county, that man was a symbol of a needless death that our county could ill afford. But, as a Republican county, they suck it up and still won't go against President Bush. Amazing how accountability can get swept under the rug.

I feel for the loss of any one, especially in the service of their country. The death of he, and others for the sake of the greedy in this country is senseless. In the "other" war, the draft was a way to get rid of the undesirables, in this one; it is a way to get rid of people that go against the present leadership. We are in the middle of greed and power with no way out.

Corruption and the use of dishonesty to mask that corruption, for personal gain and ideological advance must be targeted, exposed and punished. Honesty and ethical behavior have to become the norm in government in order to create effective and universal opportunity and justice for all members of all societies. Sadly, the American society does not seem to exhibit an abundance of honesty, ethical behavior or a sense of justice for all.

It's time for Americans to recognize that deregulation and privatization are really theft of public resources by politicians who are in the pockets of Big Business.

People have become complacent, with their myopic way of life. They're not willing to take risks, unlike the students who died at Kent State, these people don't want to rock the boat, they cling to what LITTLE bit of country that they think they own.

Everyone is called to something, like the ocean which demands every drop of water come back into the sea as the tide goes out. We need to be accountable to ourselves, to have a conscience as to where the leadership is leading this country.

It's time to reform the Electoral College, and its winner-take-all voting for electors, which disenfranchises large numbers of American voters. Up to 49% of a state's voters may be disenfranchised, since all of a state's several electors are chosen by the political party of the winning candidate. It’s wrong and un-Democratic.

My sympathy and support goes out to all of those who have to do as our leadership dictates, you see my youngest son is now in Iraq.

We need a change of leadership that will take this country out of the exploitation and conquering the world business. The United States was not founded to conquer and dominate the world. It was created as a home for people that need freedom from tyranny.

Let’s put common sense back in the Constitution, and this November, vote for conscience and not greed. Vote to prevent any future war of aggression.

Through conscience is accountability. Don't sweep it under the rug,


22 OCTOBER 2006

Ron McBride is a co-founder and Executive Director of We Democrats, a new progressive political action group.


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