Another Open Letter to the American People
Mon Oct 23, 2006 17:33

From: Ruth D. Bundy or Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
Date: 10/23/06 15:39:32
To: ;
Subject: Another Open Letter To The American People

Mr. Secretary General Kofi Annan:

Please accept and pass on another OPEN LETTER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

Other Veteran's are starting to ask WHY and it is not solely related to Depleted Uranium Weapon use which will KILL millions of men, women, children if not addressed to the entire United Nations.

I realize you are in the Host Nation for the United Nations and work or live in New York. IF you believe those two very large concrete and steel reinforced buildings FELL NATURALLY from the fires from jet fuel then perhaps YOU and all of the United Nations are still there with heads buried deep into sand. Soon it will be particles of Depleted Uranium Sir.!

20010911 is the date America WAS ATTACKED with military precision and explosives used inside two very large buildings to bring down the twin towers known as the World Trade Centers. Odd that you missed Building 7 being imploded in a similar fashion.

09/11/2001 is also the date, we in America write our Month/Day/Year, an object with wings and jet engine struck the Pentagon and the specialized cleaning up of that site indicates perhaps Depleted Uranium munitions punched those neat round holes as America's Military blamed some 19 people immediately identified and five or more have been found alive throughout the World.

04/22/2004 Pat Tillman died in the service of his country leaving behind a family and his brother Kevin Tillman who stayed with the United States Army until 2005. Kevin shared the message below for all of the PLANET TO READ as same was posted 10/19/2006 as 'Open Letter To The American People
From the Brother Of U.S Army Ranger And Former Arizona Cardinal Pat Tillman' sharing this special message just before 11/06/2006 which would have been his brother's birthday.

I do hope you READ his open letter to the United Nations and share the words on those very efficient laptops you all have protecting this Planet from every Nation EXCEPT ONE!

Ruth DeLaMater Bundy and I would be ready, willing and able to appear before the United Nations but perhaps YOU should recommend Kevin Tillman appear and READ HIS LETTER then tell your fellow UN delegation members about the Depleted Uranium DEATH SENTENCE or AMERICAN PLAGUE OF 2006 which will shortly take more lives than Hitler or all other tyrants since the beginning of time.

May GOD give you wisdom before you too die from this terrible Weapon of Mass Destruction!


BRAVO ZULU KEVIN! "WELL DONE KEVIN" IN NAVY LANGUAGE! Thank you for sharing the open letter to the American People... we feel Pat's letter should go WORLDWIDE before we all DIE because of a LIE which goes on and on until the point of no return is reached... then we can ask GOD why!

Ralph Charles Whitley, Sr.
another Decorated American Veteran of One
4532 W. Kennedy Blvd. PMB-276
Tampa, Florida 33609-2042
102306 1539 HRS 2039 ZULU

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