A great American Paul Revere Tried!
Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:59

Various American Veteran's have attempted to get everyone to pay attention to what is coming. America is KILLING the World with this military action overseas utilizing Depleted Uranium weapons and they are being sold to allied forces worldwide. Send e-mails to inquiries@un.org  calling for a BAN OF DU WEAPONS WORLDWIDE!

As indicated in the OPEN LETTER TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - Kevin Tillman is similar to PAUL REVERE 2006 calling for ALL HUMANS to realize what has happened involving the United States of America as Veteran's do indeed 'hand over their voice' and remain silenced until they leave military service. Millions are trapped within the system by still being in the Active Duty or Reserves of this great Nation which once lead the World.

"DEPLETED URANIUM IS COMING!" is the new American Veteran's CRY OUT TO THE WORLD! Who will listen? Who will ask the United Nations and American Government to stop this killing before it spreads.

My brother served in the United States Army during World War II, survived and lives a quiet life in Brooksville Florida. He does not have any Depleted Uranium particles in his body nor has he tread upon any foreign land where such was used.

Over 500,000 Veteran's and Civilian Employees of the United States and Allies have been exposed to this killer or American Plague of 2006! Unless ALL VETERAN'S UNITE IN ONE VOICE the message will be buried along with humanity!

Please JOIN KEVIN TILLMAN, PAT TILLMAN and other Veteran's in waking up the World!

Remember the definition of a Veteran!

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A veteran (from Latin vetus, meaning "old") is a person who is experienced in a particular area, and is particularly used to refer to people in the armed forces. It often refers to retired service personnel. A veteran is one who has served in the armed forces and has an honorable discharge; a common misconception is that one has either been in combat and/or is retired from active duty to be called a veteran. Because of this widely held misconception, women have often been excluded from this equation. Each state (of the United States) sets specific criteria for state specific veterans benefits. For medical benefits from the (United States) VA (Veterans Administration) hospitals, prior to Sept. 7, 1980 the veteran must have served at least 180 days of active duty, after the above mentioned date the veteran must have served at least 24 months. However, if the veteran was medically discharged and receives a VA service connection disability the time limits are not applicable.

For most of history, states (nations) did not have any fixed standing army. Almost all warriors were farmers for the bulk of the year and thus had a secondary occupation to support them during times of peace. The first state to face significant veterans affairs problems was the Roman Empire whose professional army of career soldiers needed some new role when they retired. They were usually given land in the newly conquered lands, and the need for such lands motivated the empire's expansion. They could also voluntarily enlist again at the invitation of the consul or other commander as evocati.

Beyond giving veterans free or discounted lands in colonies, governments did little about them. There was little or no aid for veterans suffering mental or physical disabilities and those wounded in war often had to turn to begging or crime.

The treatment of veterans changed after the First World War. In the years following, discontented veterans became a source of instability. They could quickly organize, had links to the army, and often had arms themselves. Veterans played a central role in the post-World War I instability of Germany, while in the United States the Bonus Army of unemployed veterans was one of the most important protest movements of the Great Depression.
Former crewmembers of the battleship Missouri pose for photos shortly after the Anniversary of the End of World War II ceremony, held aboard the famous ship.
Former crewmembers of the battleship Missouri pose for photos shortly after the Anniversary of the End of World War II ceremony, held aboard the famous ship.

After the Second World War, in part due to the experience of the First World War, most of the participating states set up elaborate veterans administrations. These gave veterans access to free or subsidized education and health care. The explosion of the suburbs created sufficient housing for veterans and their families. In the United States, Black veterans continued to be denied equality, and they played a central role in the Civil Rights movement.

For the most part, veterans are treated with great respect in society. In France, for instance, those wounded in war are given the first claim on any seat on public transit. Most countries have a holiday such as Remembrance Day to honour veterans, along with the war dead. There are exceptions to this: veterans of unpopular combats, such as the Vietnam War, have been discriminated against. Others, such as veterans of minor conflicts, are often forgotten when compared with those who fought in the World Wars.

Women have served in the United States military for over two hundred years, often having had to disguise themselves as men. Female veterans have often been discriminated against by their male counterparts and, as such, women who have served in the armed forces have sometimes been known as "the invisible veterans". Women were not fully recognized as veterans until after WWII, and prior to this they were not eligible for VA benefits. The VA estimates that by the year 2010 women will make up 10% of the veteran population.

Many veterans' groups are politically active. They may appear in the media or hold rallies and protests. Issues may include improved benefits for veterans and support for or opposition to pacifist movements.

Posted for myself and my brother Charles before Veteran's Day November 11, 2006.

Ruth DeLaMater Bundy
4503 W. NORTH A Street
Tampa, Florida 33609-2028

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