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Rigged USA Elections Exposed
Tue Oct 24, 2006 15:17

Rigged USA Elections Exposed

You Tube | October 23 2006

Computer Programmer testifies that Tom Feeney (Speaker of the Houe of Florida at the time, currently US Representative representing MY district ) tried to pay him to rig election vote counts.


YouTube - Rigged USA Elections Exposed
Every election is rigged...unless your side wins, of course. ..


Voter fraud, again!

Thanks for your continued participation in the VISUAL EXIT POLL project (aka: the Blue Dot/Red Dot campaign).

Check the MySpace web page for updates (you can also Google VISUAL EXIT POLL).

Let's CONTINUE to unleash the incredible power of numbers:
Today we all be forwarding the following email (see text below) to Keith Olbermann, host of Countdown on MSNBC. As you know Keith has been virtually alone in his very courageous reporting on the very serious issues of the day - many have called him today's Edward R. Murrow.

We're sure Keith will want to know about the VISUAL EXIT POLL -- and with your help I'm sure we can get his attention!

AND: Don't forget to forward this to anyone who you think will want to also participate too!

If you want to help alert Keith Olbermann to the VISUAL EXIT POLL, all you need to do is paste the following message (with any of your own comments) into an email - and send to:

Hello Keith Olbermann,

Thank you for your many outstanding COUNTDOWN programs, courageously shinning much needed light on the most important issues facing our country.

I'd like to offer a solution to the very real concerns about the integrity of the upcoming elections -- a real opportunity for every voter to take action to ensure that all votes are accurately counted. The VISUAL EXIT POLL is a very easy and simple way to DIRECTLY PARTICIPATE with other voters to ensure the integrity of mid-term election.

The VISUAL EXIT POLL already has a strong following on MySpace by concerned individuals and interest groups from both parties. Please visit the VISUAL EXIT POLL web page for more information to discover how easy it is to participate - and how quickly this idea can take hold:

As you can see from the MySpace page -- the VISUAL EXIT POLL is an exciting, simple and direct way we as Americans can all look around and see that we really can make a difference as we vote. The purpose of the VISUAL EXIT POLL is to immediately make it clear if there is any discrepancy between the official election results and the vote of the people.

The controversy surrounding our elections show us that voting is not enough. Let's proudly display and celebrate our right to vote - and ensure our votes are in fact accurately counted!

Remember the Ukrainian Orange Revolution of 2004? Who would have guessed that millions of voters wearing orange to publicly declare their vote could have worked to reverse an obviously flawed election?

The Ukrainian version of the VISUAL EXIT POLL did just that.

We have only weeks until Election it's incredibly important to get VISUAL EXIT POLL message out now! Just imagine the extraordinary impact of tens of millions of American voters -- of all political parties -- acting together on Election Day to say: "To make sure all our votes are counted accurately -- we're excited and proud to wear our vote -- we're taking back our election."

After all, an unfair election is NOT an election! The future of freedom in America truly hangs in the balance.


Thank you, Keith, and the rest of the team at COUNTDOWN, for your own courageous commitment to freedom!

Best regards,

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