Colloidal Silver Illegal in Switzerland!!
Thu Oct 20, 2005 10:55

Switzerland, sale of colloidal silver made illegal
Note: Switzerland is the home of the International NWO Deceivers !!!

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Friday, October 14, 2005 4:41 PM Subject: Switzerland, sale of colloidal
silver made illegal Hallo, Yesterday received an email from a Swiss
friend who told me he went to buy Silver sticks two days ago, to make
colloidal silver, only to hear the Swiss have bought out new Pharmalaws
FORBIDDING the direct sale of silver to the Public for that purpose.
(this is exactly what he wrote) Ich habe schnurstracks angerufen und mit
Herrn KOLLEK gesprochen, und ich hätte gerade ein rundes Dutzend
bestellt, da nun in der Schweiz der Direktverkauf von Silberstäbchen an
das Publikum nach dem neuen Pharmagesetz VERBOTEN ist (!) -- To my
twisted mind set this says four things; 1) Colloidal Silver works
(otherwise why ban it?) 2) If Switzerland has banned it, its only a
matter of time before other countries ban it too 3) It SOUNDS like
'they' have something up their sleeves for us 4) TIME to get in your
supplies of silver For what its worth, Id say get in good supplies of
Vit C AND Hydrogen-Peroxide as well. Send this on to anyone you believe
is interested.

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