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We'll promote this important issue and group too, Donna...That's for sure...All worthy causes will be included in the many plans and projects that are now unfolding for our groups

So many places funds are needed and so many with no money...

But everyone can help out by forwarding and networking all important alerts, memos, promotions and everything else that's needed to inform the masses of all that is going on everywhere

Imagine if all the patriots and concerned citizens began to give donations to one central location...One trusted individual who would be the caretaker for important funds that could buy "US" important space in newspapers or fund differing projects that could benefit "We The People" concerning all issues important to everyone

Each individual who donates could set aside a dollar bill and the serial number could be their identifying number instead of using names for easy tracking of all donations...

All serial numbers and detailed records could be posted so everyone will know everything was on the up and up

I'd be the first to give for the benefit and recovery of all our people to really begin

A board of chosen and trusted group owners could be on a special board that will make the final decisions as to where the funds would be of most benefit...after brainstorming and receiving feed back, of course, from all the differing group activists in the differing groups

I believe it would work if we had the right person agree to accept this responsibility...I believe it could be the fastest growing trust fund there ever was...I believe it would catch on once the masses of all the good people were made aware...We do have the ability to reach the masses...So let's do it?

Out of the fund those VIP's...Very Important Patriots with productive causes that need financial help would be decided, if or not, by our people...Sensible grants of hope could be given to help keep those of importance with good intention above water, when need be

Many ideas and needs all over the net...Let's bring them all together now


"We The People United Movement"
We are many Political and Patriot Groups joining together, to help right the wrongs in America..."United We Will Stand"


Donna wrote>>>

Vaccination Liberation accepts donations as well.

We encourage those that are able to do so, to donate, so we can continue to get the truth out to the masses about vaccines, and how to abstain from this forced mass medical experimentation.

We ALL are volunteers, and donations are always needed and appreciated to keep to keep this organization going.

Thanks to each and every one of you who are already members and those who have already donated.

Donna Carrillo, co-director
Vaccination Liberation

"Ask me about vaccine exemptions"

Love them, protect them,
Never Inject them.
Diseases caused by vaccine poisons.
Go to:
or call Vaccination Liberation: 1-888-249-1421
Vaccination Liberation

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If I won that Power Ball millions I left Ohio and went to Pennsylvania to buy lottery tickets for, you can be sure William Rivers Pitt will get all needed as will many of our VIP's...That's Very Important Patriots and their worthy causes

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