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Film rolls as US troops burn dead 19 Oct 2005
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20 October 2005
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Film rolls as US troops burn dead 19 Oct 2005 US soldiers in Afghanistan burnt the bodies of dead Taliban and taunted their opponents about the corpses, in an act deeply offensive to Muslims and in breach of the Geneva conventions. An investigation by SBS's Dateline program, to be aired tonight, filmed the burning of the bodies. It also filmed a US Army psychological operations unit broadcasting a message boasting of the burnt corpses into a village believed to be harbouring Taliban.

Cheney 'cabal' hijacked foreign policy 20 Oct 2005 Vice-pResident Dick Cheney and a handful of others had hijacked the government's foreign policy apparatus, deciding in secret to carry out policies that had left the US weaker and more isolated in the world, the top aide to former Secretary of State Colin Powell claimed on Wednesday.

Top Aides Talked Before Plame's Cover Revealed 20 Oct 2005 White House adviser Karl Rove told the grand jury in the CIA leak case that I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby, Vice pResident Cheney's chief of staff, may have told him that CIA operative Valerie Plame worked for the intelligence agency before her identity was revealed, a source familiar with Rove's account said yesterday. This revelation further undermines the White House's contention that neither man was involved.

AP: Rove, Libby Discussed Reporter Info 19 Oct 2005 Top White House aides Karl Rove and I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby discussed their contacts with reporters about an undercover CIA officer in the days before her identity was published, the first known intersection between two central figures in the criminal leak investigation.

Bush whacked Rove on CIA leak 19 Oct 2005 An angry President [sic] Bush rebuked chief political guru Karl Rove two years ago for his role in the Valerie Plame affair, sources told the Daily News. "He made his displeasure known to Karl," a presidential counselor told The News. "He made his life miserable about this." [Oh. I thought Bush didn't *know* who was the source of the treason (leaking CIA covert officer's name)?]

When Was the President Told? By Rep. John Conyers 19 Oct 2005 "Today’s New York Daily News reports that '[a]n angry President [sic] Bush rebuked chief political guru Karl Rove two years ago for his role in the Valerie Plame affair..' and that Rove conceded to Bush that "he had talked to the press about the Plame leak. Yet, just last year on June 11, 2004, the President responded affirmatively when asked if he would 'fire anyone found to' have leaked the agent’s name."

Rice: U.S. May Still Be in Iraq in 10 Years 19 Oct 2005 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice declined on Wednesday to rule out American forces still being needed in Iraq a decade from now. Senators warned that the Bush regime must play it straight with the public or risk losing public support for the war.

Guardian journalist missing in Iraq --Statement from the Guardian 19 Oct 2005 The Guardian today confirmed that its Baghdad correspondent Rory Carroll, an Irish citizen, is missing, believed kidnapped, in Iraq. Rory Carroll, 33, was on assignment in Baghdad earlier today when he went missing. It is believed Mr Carroll may have been taken by a group of armed men.

26 Iraqis and 5 G.I.'s Killed; Reporter Missing 20 Oct 2005 At least 26 Iraqis, 5 American soldiers and a British soldier were killed in attacks late Tuesday and Wednesday, officials reported Wednesday.

British soldier killed by roadside bomb 19 Oct 2005 A British soldier died last night from injuries sustained in a roadside bomb attack in Basra, southern Iraq, the Ministry of Defence said today.

Guardsman's bomb death takes Iraq toll to 97 20 Oct 2005 A soldier in the Coldstream Guards was killed by a roadside bomb in Basra late on Tuesday night. He is the 97th member of the British armed forces to have died in Iraq since the invasion.

1 in 4 Iraq vets ailing on return 18 Oct 2005 More than one in four U.S. troops have come home from the Iraq war with health problems that require medical or mental health treatment, according to the Pentagon's first detailed screening of servicemembers leaving a war zone.

Returning US soldiers face financial, medical difficulties --Critics say government is 'turning its back' on veterans because of need for money in Iraq. 18 Oct 2005 Wounded US soldiers who have returned home are increasingly finding that they are being referred to credit agencies by the US military because of discrepancies in pay or "failure to pay" for lost equipment.

Queries over huge yes vote 19 Oct 2005 Iraqi election officials said they were investigating "unusually high" vote [sic] totals in 12 Shiite and Kurdish provinces, where as many 99 per cent of the voters were reported to have cast ballots in favour of Iraq's new constitution, raising the possibility that the results of the referendum could be called into question.

'I am the president of Iraq. I do not recognise this court' 20 Oct 2005 Combative and truculent, Iraq's former president, Saddam Hussein, argued with the judge and scuffled with security guards yesterday, when he went on trial for mass murder in a Baghdad courtroom that was as much a theatre as a forum for justice. [When will Bush's trial begin?]

Defence lawyer calls trial 'pure theatre' 20 Oct 2005 One of Saddam Hussein's lawyers called his trial in Baghdad "pure theatre" and said a 40-day adjournment to prepare a defence was not enough. "If this was a regular murder trial at the Old Bailey in London then the defence would have been granted six months to prepare," Abdel al Haq al-Ani, the lawyer coordinating the defence effort, told Reuters.

Expanding Iraq War into Syria is lunacy By Dan Simpson 19 Oct 2005 "As I suspected six months ago, and U.S. military and Bush Administration civilian officials confirmed, U.S. forces have invaded Syria and engaged in combat with Syrian forces. An unknown number of Syrians are acknowledged to have been killed; the number of Americans - if any - who have died so far has not yet been revealed by the U.S. sources, who, by the way, insist on remaining faceless and nameless."

Are we going to war with Iran? Dan Plesch evaluates the evidence pointing towards a new conflict in the Middle East 18 Oct 2005 "It appears that the UK and US have decided to raise the stakes in the confrontation with Iran. The two countries persuaded the IAEA board - including India - to overrule its inspectors, declare Iran in breach of the non-proliferation treaty (NPT) and say that Iran's activities could be examined by the UN security council."

Applause as Mugabe blames Britain and US for Zimbabwe collapse 18 Oct 2005 President Mugabe drew applause at a United Nations conference on hunger yesterday when he said Britain and the United States were to blame for his country's economic collapse. In a diversion from his scripted speech at the World Food Day event organised by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation, Mr Mugabe called Tony Blair and George W Bush "the unholy alliance of the millennium".

Texas Court Issues Arrest Warrant for Tom DeLay 19 Oct 2005 A Texas court issued a warrant Wednesday for former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay to appear for booking, where he is likely to face the fingerprinting and photo mug shot he had hoped to avoid.

Key lawmakers seek more answers from Miers 19 Oct 2005 The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee's top Republican and Democrat told U.S. Supreme nominee Harriet Miers on Wednesday to elaborate on what they criticized as inadequate answers to their questionnaire.

US deports four men in tunnel threat probe 20 Oct 2005 US officials said Wednesday that four men from Mideast will be deported, as part of the probe into a terror threat targeting a highway tunnel in Baltimore, Maryland.

Sleuths Crack Tracking Code Discovered in Color Printers 19 Oct 2005 It sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it isn't. The pages coming out of your color printer may contain hidden information that could be used to track you down if you ever cross the U.S. government... The U.S. Secret Service acknowledged yesterday that the markings, which are not visible to the human eye, are there, but it played down the use for invading privacy.

Fraser labels anti-terrorism laws undemocratic 20 Oct 2005 (AU) Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser has attacked the Federal Government's proposed anti-terrorism laws. In a major speech in Melbourne, the former Liberal Party leader said there were no real safeguards to protect rights.

Bush's Faith Plan Faces Judgment --Courts Assess Mission to Give Federal Funds to Religious Charities 20 Oct 2005 George W. Bush's big legal victory came Sept. 30 in New York, where a federal judge threw out most elements of a religious discrimination lawsuit against the Salvation Army. Eighteen employees claimed they were fired or demoted because they refused to pledge support to the Salvation Army's mission of "proclaiming Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord," disclose what church they attended or name gay co-workers..

FEMA Plan to Rebuild Religious Schools And Other Religious Facilities Is Unconstitutional, Says Americans United --Taxpayers Should Not Be Forced To Subsidize Religion, Watchdog Group Says 19 Oct 2005 A plan by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to spend taxpayer dollars to rebuild religious schools and other religious facilities violates constitutional provisions barring public support of religion, says Americans United for Separation of Church and State.

U.S. Gives Florida a Sweeping Right to Curb Medicaid 20 Oct 2005 The Bush regime approved a sweeping Medicaid plan for Florida on Wednesday that limits spending for many of the 2.2 million beneficiaries there and gives private health plans new freedom to limit benefits. The Florida program, likely to be a model for many other states, shifts from the traditional Medicaid "defined benefit" plan to a "defined contribution" plan, under which the state sets a ceiling on spending for each recipient.

Senate Panel Approves Arctic Drilling 20 Oct 2005 The Senate Energy and Commerce Committee approved a measure on Wednesday to open the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas production, moving it an important step closer to becoming official.

Alaska Refuge Drilling OK'd in Committee 19 Oct 2005 A Senate committee voted Wednesday to include drilling in an Alaska wildlife refuge in a massive budget proposal, assuring that drilling opponents won't be able to use the filibuster to thwart oil development there.

Suit Blames Navy Sonar for Beached Whales 19 Oct 2005 Environmentalists sued the Navy on Wednesday, claiming that a widely used form of sonar for detecting enemy submarines disturbs and sometimes kills whales and dolphins.

UK population to be vaccinated against pandemic flu 19 Oct 2005 Plans to vaccinate everyone in the UK against [?!?] pandemic flu once a potentially-fatal strain emerges were announced by the British government today. [How is the government *so certain* that a 'potentially-fatal strain' will emerge?] http://www.legitgov.org/flu_oddities.html

Russia finds deadly strain of bird flu 19 Oct 2005 Preliminary tests on fowl from a region south of Moscow where hundreds of birds died suddenly detected a deadly strain of bird flu, Russia said Wednesday, bolstering signs that the dreaded virus might be spreading across Siberia to the Mediterranean.

Top scientific group warns of growing natural disasters 19 Oct 2005 The world will witness more deadly natural disasters as global warming accelerates, with unchecked population growth putting large numbers of people at risk, a top scientific group said Wednesday.

Fla. Braces for an Intense Hurricane Wilma 19 Oct 2005 Hurricane Wilma exploded briefly into a Category 5 monster with winds of 175 mph before weakening to a Category 4 Wednesday night. Forecasters warned it could smash into southwestern Florida on Saturday with towering waves, and then work its way up the East Coast with devastating effect.

Hurricane Wilma becomes strongest Atlantic storm on record 19 Oct 2005 A hurricane that has brought heavy rains to Mexico and Central America was today named as the strongest Atlantic storm since records began. Hurricane Wilma's highest sustained winds were measured at 175 mph by US air force reconnaissance planes, while its pressure readings dropped to 882 millibars - the lowest minimum pressure ever measured in a hurricane in the Atlantic basin.

Hurricane Vilma sets barometric pressure record 19 Oct 2005 Hurricane Wilma doesn't stop making history: It is the strongest, most intense Atlantic hurricane in terms of barometric pressure and the most rapidly strengthening on record. A hurricane hunter plane flying through the Category 5 storm's eye found a minimum central pressure of 882 millibars, National Hurricane Center forecasters said Wednesday.

[19 Oct lead stories:] Expectation of indictments in C.I.A. Leak Case 18 Oct 2005 The special counsel in the C.I.A. leak case has told associates he has no plans to issue a final report about the results of the investigation, heightening the expectation that he intends to bring indictments, lawyers in the case and law enforcement officials said yesterday.

Cheney resignation rumors fly 18 Oct 2005 Sparked by today's Washington Post story that suggests Vice pResident Cheney's office is involved in the Plame-CIA spy link investigation, government officials and advisers passed around rumors that the vice pResident might step aside and that President [sic] Bush would elevate Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

Cheney Office Is Focus in Probe --Sources Cite Role of Feud With CIA 18 Oct 2005 As the investigation into the leak of a CIA agent's name hurtles to an apparent conclusion, special prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald has zeroed in on the role of Vice pResident Cheney's office, according to lawyers familiar with the case and government officials. The prosecutor has assembled evidence that suggests Cheney's long-standing tensions with the CIA contributed to the unmasking of operative Valerie Plame.

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