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Agents say Weldon FBI probe linked to Turkish American Counc
Mon Oct 16, 2006 10:08


Agents say Weldon FBI probe linked to Turkish American Council, secret money laundering accounts

"...this money travels. And you start trying to go to the root of it and it’s getting into somebody’s political campaign, and somebody’s lobbying. And people don’t want to be traced back to this money. Once this issue gets to be investigated, you will be seeing certain [American] people that we know from this country standing trial; and they will be prosecuted criminally." (Sibel Edmonds, former FBI linguist and 9-11 federal whistleblower)

Following reports of an FBI and Department of Justice (DOJ) Public Integrity Section probe of House Armed Services Committee Vice Chairman Curt Weldon (R-7-PA), federal agents who spoke with U.S. intelligence authority Thomas Heneghan said “there is evidence of money laundering via secret accounts linked to companies such as Solutions North America which in turn are connected to Bosnia, Serbia and oil accounts in Moscow—all linked to the Gary Best and Bush-Clinton crime syndicate.”

In interviews this weekend Heneghan told that intelligence sources told him, “companies who engaged in business with Solutions North America involve a tie-in to Saudi Arabia and funding for the 9/11 attacks via the American Turkish Council.”

According to former FBI translator Sibel Edmonds, explosive evidence linking the American Turkish Council to money laundering and secret congressional campaign accounts was covered up by a federal district court and a three judge appeals court panel which issued a federal gag order to silence the 9 11 federal whistleblower who we interviewed on four separate occasions for stories.

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