Americans Question Bush on 9/11 Intelligence
Mon Oct 16, 2006 16:50

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Subject: Americans Question Bush on 9/11 Intelligence
Date: Mon, 16 Oct 2006 13:18:49 -0400
From: blueridge

What a tame headline this is. Read the stats, which have also been maneuvered cleverly, along with taking liberties with "error margins". Why does this not read: "Majority of Americans believe Bush administration is covering up the truth of 9/11"? For those who want evidence the George W. Bush himself was complicit in the conspiracy (while Cheney and the neocons had active participation) with the "surprise attacks", here is his public testimony from White House records, on two separate town-halls, that prove he "saw" the first plane attack, on a "tv", prior to entering the classroom--i.e. arrangements were made for him to monitor the attack live, while there was no live coverage of the first attack.
Americans Question Bush on 9/11 Intelligence

Bush implicates himself (MP3, 144K)

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