Operation Mockingbird CIA- 9/11: Mae Brussell vs. Solomon an
Wed Oct 18, 2006 19:23

9/11: Mae Brussell vs. Solomon and Parry

C.D.: I agree that race prejudice exists to one
degree or another at most levels of U.S. society.
However, it seems to me that the majority working
classes are the most racist because they fear
competition for jobs from Blacks and Mexicans.
The ruling class, especially the Eastern Wall Street gang
that controls the "liberal" CBS/ABC/NBC/New York
Times/Washington Post, really seems to take the side
of minorities. Is this just fake propaganda to rake in
minority votes?

M.B.: The majority of the working classes are not
the most racist against each other. Competition for
jobs between Indians, Blacks and Chicanos is caused by
a racist power structure in this country that refuses
to allow jobs in the first place.

Labor Unions
exclude minorities. Medical schools and law schools
could be increased by the hundreds instead of
bickering over a particular student's grades.
IQ tests have been proven to be racist, thereby dropping
off otherwise qualified students.
Every white doctor that receives $100,000 a year could earn
$25,000 and allow three blacks to also earn the same
amount. By keeping minorities out of professions,
except entertainment and athletics, the white
community can keep their residential areas white,
their schools white, their churches white, and
perpetuate the racism. There is no need for fences or
ID cards as in South Africa. Law Enforcement,
Sheriffs, and government agencies such as the FBI,
CIA, NSA, DIA, DISC are predominantly white.
We could write an entire issue of CONSPIRACY DIGEST about
our differences regarding CBS, ABC, NBC, New York
Times, and Washington Post. Where do you ever get
the label "liberal" for these people?
How can you possibly say they take the side of minorities?
When? Where? How?

I subscribe to these newspapers and want to puke. I have boycotted major network news
coverage since I studied political assassinations
because of their lies, distortions, half truths,
insinuations, and massive cover-ups. ? The United
States press doesn't fake propaganda. They don't even
appeal to minorities. To hell with minority votes.
These maniacs support military dictatorships and
fascism the USA instituted since World War II. They
treat the CIA and heads of state as if they were some
kind of royalty instead of the war criminals they
really are

C.D.: Several right-wing authors have theorized
that the main conflict in the world is or was the
battle between Wasp and Jewish financiers. Or, more
simply, that the history of the 2Oth Century is
primarily Rockefeller (Standard Oil) vs. Rothschild
(Royal Dutch Shell) bottle to control governments and
resources. Do you think there is anything to theories?
What do you think about the Cowboy-Yankee War by
Carl Oglesby? Your research would seem to support the
theory that Nixon as an agent of the new wealth
"Cowboy" capitalist faction (Hughes?) was finally done
in by old wealth "Yankee" capitalist faction
(Rockefeller-Rothschild) at Watergate

M.B.: The main conflict in the world is not between
Wasp and Jewish financiers.
The battle of Cowboy
vs. Yankee, Carl Oglesby's theories, are
oversimplified. There is no way to mark off
geographical boundaries or to separate fighting
factions into such categories. ? What we are
experiencing are a series of revolutions taking place
at the same time. Some of them are political. Others
are cultural and social.

While these changes have
been occurring in the 20th century, the old feudal
monopolies, economically dependent upon empires, have
been grasping for control of sources of power and
wealth (listed earlier as sources of profit).
Three good books that describe the origins for our
current moral and financial bankruptcy are The Great
Conspiracy by Michael Sayers and Albert E. Kahn,
Merchants of Death by H. C. Egglebrecht, and Weimar
Republic, Clandestine Rearmament by E. J. Gumbel.
Following World War I, the allied armies were
afraid to disarm German militarism because of fear
that Bolshevism was spreading and might go throughout

The solution was the secret, clandestine
army, Secret Police SS, and a series of over 400
murders that altered the face of Germany. ? U.S.
Corporations and Wall Street, along with France and
England, began arming Germany.
World War I had
mobilized 66,103,164 men. 37,494,186 were killed.
Indirect costs were $151,000,000,000. Direct costs
were $208,000,000,000.
The propaganda myth of the
"menace of Bolshevism" put Nazis in power. Adolf
Hitler, hypnotized front man for the warfare
industries and corporations, was to rid Europe of

When World War II was over, and the
Communists were still very much alive,
sent the Nazis and war criminals
with their money, counterfeit or otherwise, into the
USA, Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America.
Allen Dulles, attorney for Wall Street, made the
arrangements for the Nazis' exit. He became the first
director of the CIA in 1947, now patterned after the
illegal rearming of the Weimar Republic.
All of the divisions and decoys we fall into, all the
categories of conflicts, never follow history or
documents day by the day to see why we are having so
many assassinations and cover-ups.
642 Nazis were brought to our defense industries, universities, and
hospitals from 1945- 1952 under Project Paperclip.

World War II cost 80,000,000 deaths. The cost went
up. The rearming for World War III began as early as
1945 when the decision was made to protect the doctors
and scientists Hitler used and to continue their
experimentations and weapons systems in the USA

The real battle now is whether or not it is too
late to stop this country from going Fascist. If
Arab investors, funded by Nazis, withdraw their
savings from U.S. banks, the USA will become instantly
Nazi General Reinard Gehlen had the
solution for conquered USSR territory. Gehlen was
going to turn 50 million Russians into slaves "in
accordance with Aryan racial principals, to become sub
humans." Some "forty million Soviet Citizens would
be eliminated by natural means, namely famine." This
is the same Gehlen that Allen Dulles provided
$200,000,000 of our tax dollars. Yes! Add it up. Are
we getting our money's worth?
(Gehlen, Spy of the Century, E. H. Cookridge)
It is easier to understand droughts, famines, terrorism, new kinds of
diseases, rare cancers, mind control experiments,
stock manipulations, labor strikes and other
unpleasant "accidents" of nature in the USA after
studying the history of Nazism

C.D.: How much conflict do you see in the ruling
class? Some conspiriologists think it is all fake, a

M.B.: The conflict in the ruling class
is between those who are elected and appointed to rule,
and thosewho are acting illegally to condition us for the next
war or series of wars. ? We are identical to Germany
in 1932. Salvadore Allende had to put up with strikes
and the raging of the Chilean citizens who turned out
to be paid by the CIA (over 8 million dollars to
disrupt his country). Nothing is natural today.
Billions are going into creating divisions, terror, to
make headlines, to spread confusion and fear.
If any officials come along with independence or
suggestions they are killed, blackmailed, ignored,
surreptitiously drugged, paid off, or bugged. To make
changes today is to enter into an obstacle course.
The Intelligence Community and those people doing
all this manipulating for their power and wealth are
moving against the laws of nature. Something must
give. Our institutions should be re-examined.
Individuals must come forward with enough courage to
support investigators like myself who are armed with
facts and information. As Emerson said, "That form
of government which prevails is the expression of what
civilization exists in the population which permits

C.D.: Many conspiriologists point the finger at
David Rockefeller as the most powerful financial
conspirator in America and maybe the world. Do you
agree? What about Hughes, H. L. Hunt? Others? Is
Chase-Manhattan really going broke?

M.B.: David Rockefeller might be the most powerful
financial conspirator in America. Howard Hughes and H.
L. Hunt are dead. Daniel Ludwig is hiding.
Rockefeller managed to keep their boy Kissinger
running all our foreign policies in every country
while their Exxon stayed on top, #1 Corporation for
profits. Nice arrangement!! That is power. The
Bildebergers select our Presidents. ? Is Ronald
Reagan a member of the Bildeberger and Tri-Lateral?
I believe that the pecking order for front man
Presidents always was Nixon, Agnew, then Reagan.
Carter is an interim after Watergate. If Ronald
Reagan were to become President because of Carter's
death, would the Rockefellers be powerful any more?
Where would the power be transferred? To the
Pentagon and away from Wall Street. ? The power is
in a silencer, secret weapon, possible drugs to make
Carter ill. It comes in many forms. This is a battle
royal between two kings, the Rockefeller Dynasty and
the Weapons-warfare, clandestine government the
Rockefellers created originally for their own power.
CIA agent John Connally, one of the most powerful
men in the world, named as part of the DISC, FBI
combine that covered up the JFK assassination, is
opening funding offices for Reagan in D.C. Can the
Rockefellers survive? Are they part of a dying era,
identical to Kaiser Wilhelm? Is the AMMUNITION
power struggle is taking place. The Eastern Wall
Street International banks created spies and weapons
to march in order to protect their profits. The armies
turned against their masters. They decided they could
create their own wealth and power. New York is
crumbling. The Pentagon is stronger than ever. Yale,
Harvard, Princeton, and the top Eastern Universities
haven't produced a new idea or a constructive change
for all their classical education. They have been
swallowed by Pentagon and spy contracts. The USA looks
like a dance of death in every major city.

C.D.: Unless I am misreading you, you seem to have
some real respect for John F. Kennedy. Is there any
reason to believe that his idealistic line was for
real? Wasn't he just another glib gangster that lost?
Do you agree with Oglesby that he was an agent of the
old Wall Street Eastern Establishment (as was his Nazi
leaning father) and that his assassination was plotted
by Southern Rim upstarts

M.B.: Yes, I do have a respect for John F.
Kennedy. If you don't believe his idealistic line
was for real, just add up what he was doing when he
was killed. JFK asked his brother, Attorney
General Robert Kennedy, to break up organized crime.
Nobody high up in government has tangled the Mafia. J.
E. Hoover, the FBI, CIA hired crime members as part of
assassination teams. They were used by the FBI and CIA
since World War II. JFK was attempting to end the
oil-tax depletion rip-offs, to get tax money from oil
companies. JFK instituted the nuclear test ban
treaty, often called "the kiss of death," to oppose
the Pentagon. JFK called off the Invasion of Cuba.
He allowed Castro to live, antagonized narcotics and
gambling, oil and sugar interests, formerly in Cuba.
JFK asked his brother, Attorney General Robert
Kennedy, to break up the CIA, the "hidden government
behind my back." Allen Dulles was fired. The attorney
for international multinationals, Dulles, was angry.
JFK planned to withdraw troops from Vietnam after
1964 elections. Nov. 24, 1963, two days after JFK's
burial, the Pentagon had escalated the Vietnam war ...
with no known provocations, after JFK was gone.
There was no chance Kennedy could survive
antagonizing the CIA, oil companies, Pentagon,
organized crime. He was not their man.
The assassination of JFK utilized some people from the
Texas-Southwest. It was not a Southern plot. Upstarts
could not have controlled the Northern CIA, FBI,
Kennedy family connections. This was a more detailed,
sophisticated conspiracy that was to set the pattern
for future murders to take place. The murder was
funded by Permindex, headquarters in Montreal and
Switzerland. Their stated purpose was to encourage
trade between nations in the Western world. Their
actual purpose was fourfold:

1) To fund and direct assassinations of European,
Mid-East and world leaders considered threats to the
Western World, and to Petroleum Interests of their

2) Provide couriers, agents for transporting and
depositing funds through Swiss Banks for Vegas, Miami,
and International gambling syndicate.

3) Coordinate the espionage activities of the White
Russian Solidarists and Division V of the FBI, headed
by William Sullivan.

4) Build and acquire, operate hotels and gambling
casinos. Nomenclature of an Assassination Cabal by
William Torbitt.

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