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9/11: Mae Brussell vs. Solomon and Parry

Ralph W. Emerson "Compensation"

My positive philosophy is very simple. I believe
there is in each of us a potential for peace and
harmony. A few power-mad perverts dictate orders that
must be challenged. They are going against the laws of
A family and society that does not care
for its infants with love and affection will create
and does produce mad bombers. The source of this peace
and harmony is within the family unit, not with
Government agents or law enforcement. Without love in
the home there is never quiet in the community,
cities, or around the world.
There are ways to
counteract the evil being purposely planned. Study
history. Separate fears and prejudices from facts.
Recognize facts from propaganda. Invest energy in
fighting for what you believe in. Analyze harder where
we are going and what you are doing about it. What do
you really believe in? How much do we care?

C.D.: Where can our readers get information on
Walter Bowart's research on the mind control uses of
ultra-sonic waves and micro-waves?

M.B.: Walter Bowart's book "Operation Mind
Control" will be published in the Spring, 1978.

Bowart's allegations about the CIA using
ultrasonic waves on the human brain to control the
behavior pattern of entire cities confirms information
I received in 1974 about the same project.
A reliable source of information told me that a radio
tower and a tall bank tower in San Francisco were
going to extend a beam to have virtual radio control
of that entire city. He informed me that the radio
frequencies would make meditation impossible. The
radio towers were being utilized for future control of
our minds.
The same week that I received this
information, an article in the Los Angeles Times
appeared mentioning the use of radio beams over large
cities to control the population.

C.D.: CONSPIRACY DIGEST has often propounded the
theory that the Right-Left political-economic spectrum
is an artificial concoction of the ruling
class/conspiracy that creates a "heads I win tails you
lose" situation for the ruled class. Isn't the choice
between Communism and Fascism only a choice in style
of tyranny? Are you familiar with Antony Sutton 's
Wall Street series of books that documents that both
Nazism and Soviet Communism were financed largely by
the same Wall Street cabal whose interest was in
creating the conditions for big government favoritism
as opposed to laissez-faire competition?

M.B.: The choices between Fascism and Communism
are not our ONLY alternatives. Tyranny, by any name,
isn't the only solution.?
I am familiar with Antony Sutton's books and own a few.
Naziism and Soviet Communism were financed by Wall Street Cabals.
Money was poured in the USSR and behind the Iron Curtain for the
purpose of funding future uprisings and encouraging dissidents.
Nazi agents are behind part of the KGB and MKD.
Just as Wall Street poured money in
Russia after WWI, Allen Dulles, attorney for the Wall
Street Cabal, then Director of the CIA, funded Adolf
Hitler's Chief of Nazi-Eastern Intelligence with
$200,000,000 (our tax dollars once again). Gehlen was
paid for his agents behind the Iron Curtain and for
Cold War - Hot War purposes. This money does not go
for Communism, but anti-communism even though it is
sent inside Communist territory.

Marina Oswald's
background was White Russian aristocracy. Marina has
overwhelming links to the CIA, Defense Industry, and
General Reinhard Gehlen's agents through the CIA/Greek
Orthodox Church. Her membership in the Communist
Komsomol Organization was a leftist front that didn't
fool the State Department or violently Anti-Communist
Rescue Commission that met Lee and Marina in New York

The right-left political and economic
spectrum is a farce. Howard Hughes Summa Company, the
South Korean KCIA, Hughes Medical Institute, and other
similar funding front operations have bought our
Congress, Republicans as well as Democrats. Those that
can't be bought are blackmailed.

C.D.: On numerous occasions you refer to the
Buckley school of conservatives and his youth wing,
Young Americans for Freedom, as connected to
CIA/ruling class dirty tricks and even the Kennedy
Assassination. Few conspiracy buffs would dispute the
CIA-Buckley-Establishment connection. Of course,
Buckley is death on conspiracy theory, which fails.
His favorite target is "paranoids."

What do you
think of the conspiracy-minded right such as the
Liberty Lobby and the John Birch Society? No doubt you
differ with their theories, but do you think they are
largely sincere? Or are they black propaganda outlets
for the Establishment? Or like many other
organizations are they simply infiltrated and used
from time to time in specific black propaganda
campaigns? In one of your tapes you seemed to imply
that George Schuler's American Opinion attack on
Malcolm X contained outright lies and was timed to
coincide with Malcolm's assassination. Comments?

M.B.: William Buckley's favorite target may be
paranoids. Paranoia is a psychological diagnosis
applied to a disease of the mind. Buckley is hardly
any psychiatrist. He is a useful media showcase and
propaganda machine.

When Buckley states his
opinions in writing or on the air, he never prefaces
remarks or articles by providing facts about his CIA
days with E. Howard Hunt. Few people know that
Buckley's family fortune came from Pantipec Oil
Company. E. Howard Hunt and George DeMohrenschildt,
Oswald's CIA baby-sitter, both worked under Warren
Smith. Smith was President of Buckley's Pantipec
Oil.? Buckley not only worked with E. Howard Hunt in
the CIA, but formed the notorious YAF with Douglass
Caddy, co-worker in the CIA office of Mullen and Co.
of Watergate fame.

Members of the YAF were brought
from U.S. Military Intelligence in Germany to the
Dallas-Ft. Worth area in the fall of 1962. Their
object was to infiltrate and take over this
conveniently formed new organization. Orders went from
Larry Schmidt, first to arrive, that all members had
to be in Dallas before JFK arrived ... for their
briefings and roles to be played. There is more to the
Buckley-CIA-YAF-Caddy connections than time allows
here.? Liberty Lobby and the John Birch Society
accumulate interesting facts. Their numbers are
correct, but the conclusions can't be proven and are
in error.

Jimmy Carter sent a message into the new
spacecraft. He wrote that "we human beings are still
divided into nation states, but these states are
rapidly becoming a single global civilization."

The Birch Society and Liberty Lobby would claim
this is proof of "one world" conspiracy of communism
and the communists are winning their goals. On the
other hand, my assessment forces me to believe the
Bormann Brotherhood exists. Hitler's goal to rule the
world through satellites and weapons is working. We
are moving into the Nazification of planet earth.

Carter's Human Rights issue is a sham. He scolds
the USSR. We support and fund South Africa, Argentina,
Chile, Brazil, South Korea, Nicaragua, Iran, feudal
Middle-East countries with no trials and much torture.

George Schuler's attack upon Malcolm X, published
in American Opinion, Feb. 1973, argues that it would
be better to memorialize Benedict Arnold, a known
traitor, than Malcolm X.
Malcolm X was never a traitor to the USA.
Schuler's put down on Malcolm begins by stating
Malcolm X was once a pimp, dopepeddler,
ex-convict who served ten years for robbery.

He fails to mention the murder of Malcolm's
father, the causes of his hatred and poverty, the
reasons blacks get into crime. Schuler doesn't praise
Malcolm X for changing his ways, for his eloquent
self-education, for his published lectures and
writings, for his ability to raise himself above the
gutter to become an inspiration for many people.

White racists use Black fools and Jewish
apologists for much of their dirty work.
The anti-semitic YAF - John Birch Society wanted to place
an ad, "Wanted for Treason," with a black border, into
the newspapers the day JFK was assassinated in Dallas,
Texas. Members of the Birch Society paid for the ad.
Neo-Nazi Christians wrote the ad. Whose name was at
the bottom, in the newspaper Nov. 22, 1963? Jew boy
Bernard Weissman. Why his name? Weissman testified
before the Warren Commission that they wanted his name
"because he was Jewish." Why did they need a Jewish
name identified with the death of JFK? Because another
Jew, Jack Rubenstein (Ruby), who always worked with
the oil millionaire anti-Semites, and wanted their
approval, was also going to be utilized to silence the
patsy. No other members of the YAF were asked to come
before the Warren Commission. Why not?

CD: A number of conspiracy researchers are
suspicious of the U.S. Labor Parry and NCLC as being
funded by powerful governments or private interests.
They seem to promote some of your conspiracy theories
such as your interpretation of the Symbionese
Liberation Army kidnapping of Patty Hearst. What do
you think, is Lyndon LaRouche for real? We find it
suspicious that a new world Central Bank is the
linchpin of his program. Central Banks and their power
to create money (power) by slapping ink on paper have
always been the primary tool of ruling classes. What
is your opinion of the money question?

M.B.: The U.S. Labor Party always blames the CIA
and Rockefeller for everything that is wrong.

Maybe they are hitting the top dogs. It is hard to
argue that one.

However, the CIA and the
Rockefellers can't do it alone. The USLP praises
Gerald Ford as a fine man. Ford was a cover-up artist
for the Warren Commission. His crime of lies about
Oswald in his book and the cover-up of hard evidence
make him guilty of crimes worse than Nixon was charged
with. Ford covered up the killings of Kennedy, Officer
J. D. Tippit, and the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.
Ford brought neo-Nazi G. Gordon Liddy to Washington,
D.C. to work in the Treasury Dept. Ford pardoned Nixon
because he was guilty of the same charges, cover-up of

The NCLC never uses documents that
prove the Defense Industry Security Command, Division
V of the FBI, and other agencies had a part in the
assassinations and conspiracies. ? They were and are
not interested in assassinations inside the USA.

Political murders determine who will become head
of the Pentagon, Marines, Airforce, Navy, FBI, CIA,
Treasury Dept., etc. Financial policies, national
and international, are controlled by corporations and
individuals to make up these multinational
nation-state empires. It is the systematic and always
planned murders that control their financial
investments. I want to know who is murdering. The NCLC
speak of the condition. They can't make a proper
diagnosis without examining the deaths.

I agree with the NCLC that terrorism is being funded by the
right. This has been an historical truth, a technique
used by the Czar, then brought to Germany for the
Nazis. The SLA is the CIA. It was formed to
infiltrate the Bay Area left-wing movements and to
test mind control drugs.

Lyndon LaRouche never
writes about Ronald Reagan, Robert Maheu, Howard
Hughes, Paul Laxault, the Summa Company, the Hughes
Medical Institute in Florida, or others who are the
opposite side of the Rockefeller coin. There is a
battle going on between the warfare industries and war
machine and the Eastern Wall Street gang. The NCLC
knows the names of some of the players. They
conspicuously omit others. Chase Manhattan Bank is
named in Solidarity. Bank of America is never

My opinion on the money question could
fill your entire issue. Profits are obtained by
monopolizing what we need; oil, coal, water,
transportation, minerals, gas, food, health, homes,
entertainment, and communications (phones).

Profits are made from what we don't need; drugs,
chemicals, tobacco, narcotics, gambling, prostitution,
kidnapping, bank robberies, white collar crimes,
hijacking, weapons, overcosts, guns, warfare

Murders and assassinations that I study
pertain to those killings that served some purpose
involving future financial gains that would not have
occurred without those deaths. If the electoral system
were REALLY FREE to allow people to vote for those
representatives who could alter their lives and
pocketbooks, the profits in the hands of a few would
be considerably reduced.

If the Judicial system really worked, there would be less crimes and less
payoffs for murdering. Is money the root of all
evil? It comes pretty close. For a given salary,
the head and fingers of SLA leader Donald DeFreeze
were cut off before his body was sent to Ohio. ? Who
paid for the injections that Jack Ruby and Martha
Mitchell received? What laboratory manufactured the

What profits were made from the LSD
given to Patty Hearst while in a closet 45 days?
? How were the car accidents of Murray Chotiner and
Clay Shaw financed? What did it cost to cover up
the fatal plane crash of CIA money bagwoman Dorothy
Hunt at the height of Watergate?
How much was the
telephone bill from New York City to Chicago when CBS
ordered the cremation of Michelle Clark, victim on
Dorothy Hunt's plane along with 45 others? Were
Jack Ruby's debts of $40,000 to IRS before the Kennedy
assassination automatically paid when he obliged and
shot Lee Harvey Oswald?
How much tax money went to
fund doubles for Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan,
Donald DeFreeze and James Earl Ray?

Where are the
bankers who are funding violence? Are we paying for
all this, the murders, the expensive and lengthy
trials, and the silence money, from our earned tax
Who paid the hospital bills in Colorado for
Ditta Beard, ITT secretary, when she embarrassed
President Richard Nixon?
The important crises in
America are what we are doing and what we are allowing
to happen. Fascism isn't located in Bank names or
bank titles. It is what we are doing to people in
front of our eyes. According to the New York City
Health Department figures during 1976, murder was
number 1 cause of death for ages between 15-24. MURDER
I don't care as much about the
banking houses as I do about where money is being
abused and wasted. If we were ever to solve these
crimes, we could locate which banking houses were
behind the plans

CD: From listening to your tapes, I seem to detect
that you believe that the Bildeberger-CIA-CFR "free
world" Establishment ruling class is Anglo-Saxon/White
Racist. How do you square this theory with the
apparent pro-minority attitude of the Establishment's
kept liberals and think tank/foundations? Left-cover?
Incitement to backlash?

How do so many of Jewish
descent become prominent in government and finance if
the ruling class is still White Racist? How do you
account for the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs,
Kissingers, etc.?

M.B.: The Bildebergers, CIA, CFR establishment
ruling class is basically Anglo-Saxon White Racist.
There are a few Jewish showpieces allowed on the
fringe for entertainment or media coverage.
Racism in the USA is everywhere, in every prison, police
department, and so-called peacemaking organizations

The Control of Candy Jones by Donald Bain tells
how a New York model was taken by the CIA, injected
with sodium pentathol, and hypnotized. Candy was then
taught to hate Blacks, Jews, and Italians. Why? Why
were our tax dollars (I keep repeating this because it
makes me furious that we are funding these crimes)
used to further hatred? How many more Candy Joneses
were taught to hate? Candy joined the CIA to deliver
messages and ended up with two personalities inside
her head.

There is no pro-minority attitude on the
part of the Establishmen

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