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Alex Constantine

HughManatee on Fri Dec-23-05 12:03 AM

Tonight I called into Pacifica Radio's Flashpoints
program when host Dennis Bernstein was talking to
journalists Robert Parry who did great Iran-Contra
reporting and Norman Soloman, author of "War Made
Easy: How Presidents and Pundits Keep Spinning Us to
I asked them why no 'progressive'
journalists mention the national security state media
institutions like the 1951 Psychological Strategy
Board and CIA control of the 'mainstream media' called
Operation Mockingbird exposed at the 1975 Church
Senate committee hearings, all for the purpose of
psychological warfare.
But I forgot to mention the
8/05 release of the tapes and transcripts of NYC
emergency personnel hearing and seeing controlled
demolition of the WTC.
(Tapes are at

Parry responded defensively saying he has mentioned this and
Soloman went on to talk about isolated instances of
war shilling.
The next caller mentioned examining
9/11 as an inside job for war and both Parry and
Soloman said they looked into it but "there was no
evidence to back it up," it just happened to coincide
with some power agendas...!!!!!!

I was HORRIFIED to hear them say this and kicked myself for not pointing
out the evidence while I was on the air. These are
supposed to be sharp journalists accustomed to seeking
out the penetralia of power, right?
In this 1978 - repeat - 1978 interview with investigator Mae
Brussell by 'Conspiracy Digest' all of the last 30
years is quite accurately predicted. ?

Mae had discovered the gravity of cryptocracy and predicted
the fall of America into its own footprint just like
the TwinTowers.?


C.D.: How much conflict do you see in the ruling class? Some
conspiriologists think it is all fake, a diversion.??

M.B.: The conflict in the ruling class is
between those who are elected and appointed to rule,
and those who are acting illegally to condition us for
the next war or series of wars.

Conspiracy Digest, Vol. III, No. 1.

Mae Brussell is a well known West Coast conspiriologist and
assassination researcher. As usual our questions are
framed not to win an argument and impress our
audience, but only to bring out the views of the
interviewee most fully and accurately. So please, no
letters this time chastising me for not arguing hard
enough. On the other hand, letters of substance are

C.D.: Personally, I no longer have any firm
prescriptions for social betterment. The study of
conspiracy seems to indicate that the laws of reality
give the dedicated conspirators the upper hand against
anyone with any version of social reform in mind.
Another way of looking at it is that evil has a better
feedback loop than good. The loot gained by conspiracy
puts power in the hands of a few conspirators who then
can undertake even vaster conspiracies to further
enhance their power. The fruits of "good" movements,
on the other hand, are widely dispersed among the
people rather than being concentrated and available
for further success.? Perhaps this would be a good
question. Do you have any reaction?

M.B.: Conspiracies and the centralization of power
in the hands of a few does present a problem when
those conspirators are not dedicated to social
There are also philosophical, literary,
and historical examples where evil does not have a
better feedback loop than good.
The laws of
reality do not guarantee that power gained from force
and monopoly will be lasting or of any long range
value to those who have struggled to obtain that
Ralph Waldo Emerson's essay on Compensation
describes my views about evil, power, and the
attempted manipulations of mankind and nature:
The farmer imagines power and place are fine
things. But the President has paid dear for his White
House. It has commonly cost him all his peace and the
best of his manly attributes. To preserve for a short
time so conspicuous an appearance before the world, he
This law (of compensation) writes the laws of the cities and
nations. It is in vain to build or plot or combine
against it. Things refuse to be mismanaged long.
Though no checks to a new evil appear, the checks
exist and will appear. If the government is cruel, the
governor's life is not safe. If you tax too high, the
revenue will yield nothing. ? The dice of God are
always loaded. Every secret is told, every crime is
punished, every virtue rewarded, every wrong redressed
in silence and certainty.
David, the poet, was able to halt Goliath, the
giant. Remember Achilles' heel? Children love Popeye
and instant spinach. Power comes from many sources to
counteract evil.
Evil has never had a better
feedback loop than good. The popularity of Star Wars
today has to do with the longing for heroes, the
triumph of good over evil, the FORCES of good winning.

The CIA spent $26,000,000 tax dollars over a 25
year period with the express purpose of altering human
behavior, starting as early as 1947. All of this
budget was not for defensive purposes, but to erase
memories and to cause apathy at home. Dr. Jose
Delgado, Yale University, funded by Navy Intelligence
(our tax money again), specializes in electronically
controlling human beings. We are preparing for future
warfare robots. If power and evil provide such a good
feedback, why the necessity to worry about emotions
such as anxiety, guilt, or conscience?
Power is temporary and illusive. It can be shattered by one
leak or piece of evidence. One slip of scotch tape
placed on the door latch at the Watergate Hotel,
Washington, D. C. was responsible for removing the
President, Vice-President, Attorney General, Secretary
of Commerce, top Presidential aides and attorneys. No
one has yet admitted who put the second tape back on
the door.

Every person with illegal secrets to
hide has been bugged, followed, and blackmailed.
The kinds of conspiracies I am talking about
pertain to political assassinations and their

The fruits of good movements are too
widely dispersed. They receive no assistance from the
Federal Government.
The FBI Cointel-Program and
the CIA's Operation Chaos have been breaking up
leftist type organizations and social-cultural
activities with a purposeful vengeance (again with our
tax dollars).
Divide and conquer is the rule,
whether inside the prisons or at charitable meetings.
Anywhere people get together they are infiltrated.

The ratio of agents and informants has been about
one provoceteur to five members of any given group.
There has been a systematic effort to kill all
leaders whose awareness or activities interfere with
international oil interests or narcotics traffic.
It has been alleged that the CIA-FBI combine, in
conjunction with the Defense Industrial Security
Command, has supported a school in Oaxaco, Mexico, for
professional assassins. This religious academy,
disguised as a missionary, was exposed in 1970 and
might be disbanded since that date. Albert Osborne,
alias John Howard Bowan, director and head
"missionary," accompanied Lee Harvey Oswald on his
trip to Mexico in September, 1962. Oswald, not an
assassin, was patsy for the men who killed President
John F. Kennedy.
The killing of Kennedy was only
one of dozens or possibly hundreds of murders of
leaders around the world, or potential future leaders

With this kind of worldwide organization in
operation, (funded by our tax dollars, sent through
various Church fronts around the country) how can any
good movements or leaders ever serve the people?

C.D.: Do you think, then, that centralization of
power can be a good thing as long as the power is held
by persons selected by the people and dedicated to
what you consider to be a valid program of social
reform? ? Doesn't power always corrupt? Aren't the
worst always attracted by the prospect of centralized
power? Wouldn't extreme decentralized power be the
solution to conspiracy?

M.B.: Centralization of power is always dangerous.
What is valid social reform to one group, such as
Hitler's Germany, is genocide for others. ? I have
to agree with Thomas Jefferson's thoughts about power,
"I have never been able to conceive how any rational
being could bring happiness to himself from the
exercise of power over others."

You have to understand that my views about power and happiness are
not realistic or even possible. Utopian dreams of a
world without fear, killings, and unnecessary pains is
only a goal which makes every day a challenge, and
every hour worthwhile. Yes, power corrupts.
The worst are attracted by centralized power. The solution
is for parents to avoid playing power trips on their
children, for the educators to stop playing power
games on the students, for the church to avoid power
and fear threats on the parishioners, and for the
government to halt dividing economic and ethnic groups
against each other. Conspiracies are possible when
people have been conspired against from birth. If
parents, schools, church, and government divested
themselves of the games that increase their power, new
sources of energy and production would take their
place and do a much better job with what has to be

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What is your attitude on the Right-Left dichotomy?

From your writing I would presume that you
have a "left-wing" background and probably are
favorably disposed to socialism or "true" communism.
Could you describe your social-political ideals?
Everyone knows what Mae Brussell is against. Your
positive philosophy, on the other hand, would be news
to many of our readers.

M.B.: My attitude on the Right-Left dichotomy
should not enter into or affect my research. When a
biologist looks at cancer cells in a microscope, they
are not Republican or Democratic or Socialist cells.
There is no right-left distinction in diseases. ? I
examine autopsy reports, sworn testimony under oath,
Congressional Hearings, FBI, CIA, and other Government
documents, witness testimony, police reports, books,
articles, and unpublished manuscripts along with
My conclusions about assassinations
and their cover-up are cross referenced and constantly
checked for changes or new information. ? The FBI
and Los Angeles Police Department have photographs
labeled that prove ten or more bullets were fired in
the Ambassador Hotel the night Sen. Robert Kennedy was
Sirhan Sirhan's weapon only fires eight
There is no indication or proof that any of
Sirhan's bullets went into Kennedy. The fatal shot
came from behind the Senator, into his head. A guard
from Lockheed, Thane Cesar, fired his gun that night

The coat sleeve of Kennedy's was cut off and is
missing. The ceiling panels, in the direction of
Cesar's bullets, are gone. Sirhan Sirhan's weapon
was "sold" and is out of the state, probably
destroyed. If the Republicans and the right-wing
did the killing and cover up, we should know. ? If
the Democrats or Communists did the killing or
cover-up, we should know. L.A. Chief of Police Ed
Davis, and former District Attorney Evelle Younger, at
the time of the cover-up, are both running for
Governor of California. The voters should be informed
if they were part of conspiracy to silence the murder
of a Senator and Presidential candidate.

The voters must be informed about whoever is guilty. This
has nothing really to do with Right-Left. There
are existing documents to prove the CIA-FBI was
planning the murder of Richard Nixon in 1972.
Conservative George Wallace was eliminated from the
1972 elections because of a near assassination. I
want to know who is killing Republicans or
Conservatives as much as I want to know who is killing
President John F. Kennedy, Sen. Robert Kennedy,
Malcolm X, Rev. Martin Luther King, or hundreds of
others less known: witnesses to these murders or near

Everyone doesn't know what Mae Brussell
is against. If I tell you what I am against, you can
deduce or know what I am for. I am against the
planned political assassinations by our Intelligence
and Defense agents. The CIA-FBI-DIA and DISC, Defense
Industry Security Command were set up originally to
protect citizens of the USA. They became their own
judges and juries, private servants of corporations
with investments at home and abroad. I am against
the constant destruction of evidence in criminal
matters and political assassinations. Prime witnesses
are murdered before or after testifying. Diaries are
forged and planted in obvious places. Doubles are
created to confuse. The Police Departments manipulate
facts in cooperation with conspirators. I am
outraged that our judicial system since 1947 has been
patterned after Nazi Germany. Patsies are dead or
locked away. The assassins walk the streets or leave
the country, "home free." I am against using the
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Earl Warren, to
cover up the assassination of President Kennedy. When
the highest court is corrupt, there is no hope at
local levels. I am against allowing the CIA to
spend $25,000,000 since 1947 for the express purpose,
as stated before, to alter our behavior.

Is the State supreme over individuals? Who owns or controls our minds?
Why was CIA Director Allen Dulles allowed
to order 100,000,000 LSD tablets? Were one half the
U.S. population going to receive their doses? What
gives the CIA and Pentagon the right to define normal,
or to determine what is National Security? Are we
being drugged through food, water, and supplied with
chemicals so we become slaves and robots? Where is all
the cancer coming from? Why the preoccupation with
Why is the U.S. Government in the business
of creating a "Psyche-civilized" world? Who is
ordering the ultrasonic waves to lower brain waves of
cities' populations to an alpha state, leaving
citizens susceptible to mass propaganda and hypnotic
suggestion? These facts have been confirmed by
researcher Walter Bowart in 1977. I learned about the
project years ago.

I am against the mass media,
CBS, ABC, NBC, UPI, and AP being used by Washington
D.C. since WWI, and by the CIA since WWII as pure
propaganda tools. The so-called liberal New York Times
and Washington Post would make Adolf Hitler proud.
Notice that in all the Washington Post accolades about
Watergate exposures, they never delved into the
massive evidence surrounding the murder of Mary Jo
Kopechne, the shooting of George Wallace, the Howard
Hughes connections, or the murder of J. Edgar Hoover,
the planned riots for Miami in 1972, the assassination
plans for Richard Nixon through both the San Diego
Secret Army Organization and the Andrew Topping arrest
in New York. The media are cover-up artists. They
allow assassins or would-be-assassins to fade away.

One thing is certain about all these matters. The
laws of nature are such that certain truths are going
to come out. It is only a matter of time.
There is no den in the wide world to hide a rogue.
Commit a crime. You cannot recall the spoken word, you
cannot wipe out the foot track, you cannot draw up the
ladder as to leave no inlet or clue.
The laws and substances of nature become penalties to the thief.


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