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Military Commissions Act - Candlelight Vigil and Rally
Mon Oct 16, 2006 23:58

Tonight in Santa Cruz: Candlelight Vigil and Rally in response to the Military Commissions Act
Submitted by davidswanson on Mon, 2006-10-16 21:17. Activism

Monday October 16th
7:00-8:30 PM

Town Clock Park, Santa Cruz
where Water/Mission meets Pacific/Front Streets

"Not to speak is to speak ... not to act is to act." -- Dietrich Bonhoeffer, hanged by the Nazis April 9, 1945

On October 17th, 1989, the Loma Prieta Earthquake devastated the city and county of Santa Cruz, and the very fabric of Santa Cruz was deeply changed, perhaps forever

On Tuesday, October 17th, George W. Bush will sign into law the Military Commissions Act of 2006 - much more far reaching in its effects than our local earthquake could ever be, this is a law that truly establishes Fascism into the very fabric of American government - it is an extremely serious and radical departure from all that has occurred up until this point in time - if allowed to prevail, and not struck down by the courts, it will completely alter the essence of our country and our once familiar democracy (more details below)*

Most disturbingly, it was passed in both the Senate and the House of Representatives - the elected officials of this country have now sanctioned into law some of the most criminal and frightening things that the Bush Regime has been responsible for in these last six years

It gives cause for the Deepest Concern, and for Action

In Washington DC, there will be a large scale Civil Disobedience Action in front of the White House on Tuesday morning, organized by the National Coalition for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR)

Bring a candle and a wind shield, creative signs (white lettering on a black background is the easiest for passersby to see at night!), and flowers for the base of the Collateral Damage Sculpture**

You can also call or email the White House and tell Mr. Bush NOT to sign this into law!!
phone # is 202-456-1111
email goes to

*this new law makes any of us who have been outspoken against this regime, and against this war, potential **Collateral Damage victims - it gives the President, and the Military Tribunals that HE establishes, the right to define anyone, INCLUDING AMERICAN CITIZENS, as "unlawful enemy combatants" without any judicial review - many of us could be disappeared, held indefinitely, and tried and sentenced in secret - it also shreds the time honored right of habeas corpus - this law truly allows them to begin to round up and get rid of the activists and the dissenters

it also codifies into law the President's right to order, at his discretion, the torture of any prisoner, including "unlawful enemy combatants," completely defying the Geneva Conventions

for more info about this, see the links below to articles from ***

and please, speak now, act now and COME TO THE TOWN CLOCK ON MONDAY NIGHT!!

and call or write the White House now!

peace, now and always

here are some links to articles that have appeared on in October about the Military Commissions Act of 2006

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by Chris Floyd

Vote Democratic and Always Carry a Toothbrush
by David Lindorff

The Death of the First American Republic
Mark A. LeVine

Let's Hear it for the "Mavericks"
by William Fisher

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by Stephen Rohde, LA Times

Congress's Shameful Retreat from American Values
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