CNN: Lou Dobbs - Curt Weldon 'Able Danger'
Tue Oct 17, 2006 03:24


Feds Raid House of GOP Rep's Daughter Former Bush FDA Chief To Plead Guilty to Criminal Charges Responding to AP, Reid Modifies Disclosure Filings

CNN: Lou Dobbs - Able Danger
Rep. Curt Welden (PA) Vice Chairman Armed Forces C CNN: Lou Dobbs - Able Danger
Rep. Curt Welden (PA) Vice Chairman Armed Forces Cmt.: 9/11 Commission Atta as Al-Qaeda before 9/11 (more)

... Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) was suddenly placed under the scrutiny of the press when word of an FBI investigation of Weldon surfaced saying he may have used his ...

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Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) is now blaming

CREW’s Melanie Sloan, former National Security Advisor Samuel Berger, and former CIA officer Mary McCarthy for his current ethical troubles. Weldon believes the FBI’s investigation is “revenge for his criticisms.” (TPMmuckraker has more.) October 16, 2006 5:45 pm | Comment (31)

Congressman Weldon outs alleged leaker
Posted: Monday October 16, 2006 at 12:37 am
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Tonight, I had the opportunity to hear Congressman Curt Weldon speak at Penn at an event sponsored by the Penn Israel Coalition (full disclosure: I am a PIC board member). The Congressman did not cancel his speaking engagement despite last night's headlines that he is purportedly under investigation by the FBI. The source of this investigation has so-far been kept anonymous. However, when I hear the word "anonymous," I usually become skeptical.

To my surprise, Congressman Weldon was quite open with his views as to why he is now front and center in the media only three weeks before the November elections. Weldon asserts that his sharp criticisms of the FBI, the CIA and other intelligence organizations have made them want to get back at him, namely by opening this investigation.

In my interview, Weldon alleges that the source of the news about him is Melanie Sloan, a former associate of John Conyers and Charles Schumer. She is currently the executive director of CREW. He also says that people such as Sandy Berger (former head of the NSA) and Mary McCarthy have donated to Sestak's campaign and are working to bring him down as revenge for his criticisms.

You heard it here first on The Spin:
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Weldon: They're All Out to Get Me
By Justin Rood - October 16, 2006, 7:13 PM

The FBI investigation into Rep. Curt Weldon (R-PA) is growing -- but so is the left-wing conspiracy against him, according to the blustery, theory-prone lawmaker.

In a two-and-a-half minute interview with the Daily Pennsylvanian's blog, The Spin, Weldon fleshed out earlier charges that the Democrats are behind the federal probe into his dealings. Agents raided six locations today in connection to the investigation, including his daughter's home.

In addition to blaming the D.C.-based watchdog group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) and its head, Melanie Sloan (who filed a complaint against Weldon with the FBI -- in 2004), the cabal (according to Weldon) now includes: former President Bill Clinton; former CIA official Mary McCarthy; former senior Justice Department official/9-11 Commission panelist Jamie Gorelick; former national security adviser Sandy Berger ("I know what he stole -- I know why he stole it!"); and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

MEDIA, Pa. Oct 16, 2006 (AP)— The FBI raided the homes of Rep. Curt Weldon's daughter and a close friend Monday as it investigates whether the congressman improperly helped the pair win lobbying and consulting contracts, a senior Justice Department official said.

The FBI searched four locations in the Philadelphia area and two in Jacksonville, Fla., according to the official, who spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the criminal investigation is ongoing.

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Is this WHY Curt Weldon is being harrassed?

Press Conference of Rep Curt Weldon: 9/11 Commission and Operation ...
Press Conference of Rep Curt Weldon: 9/11 Commission and Operation "Able Danger". 9/11 Commission suppressed the evidence. September 17, 2005 ...

9/11 Commission suppressed the evidence

September 17, 2005
US House of Representatives

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WELDON: Good afternoon.

I'm Curt Weldon, and I'm here to provide a response to the 9/11 Commission in their statements this week about Able Danger and the outrageous statement made by Slade Gorton that it just didn't exist.

And it is absolutely outrageous, especially from a commission that I supported, that spent $15 million with 80 staffers to give the American people and the Congress a full and complete understanding of what happened prior to 9/11.

They have maintained there is no information about Able Danger or the data mining work. They couldn't find anything.

So I brought some charts for you. These are all original charts. None of these charts were made after 9/11. These charts were all made before 9/11.

Now, granted, they're not all about Able Danger. They're not all about Mohammed Atta, nor Al Qaida.

They're about drug trafficking. They're about terrorist cells. They're about crime in Russia. They're about crime in Serbia. They're about the World Trade Center bombing in '93.

So this information is a compilation of work being done by the Army's LIWA Center, as well as some of the work being done by Able Danger on Mohammed Atta and Al Qaida.

It's absolutely unbelievable to me that a commission would come out and say that this program just didn't exist.

The Pentagon has acknowledged now, publicly, that they have identified five defense employees who either vividly remember identifying Mohammed Atta prior to 9/11 or seeing his name linked with a Brooklyn cell prior to 9/11.

We have Scott Philpott (ph), a Navy commanding officer, who's commanded one of our naval warships, an Annapolis graduate, who has come out publicly and risked his entire career to say what he'll say next Wednesday under oath: that he specifically remembers identifying Mohammed Atta in January and February of 2000, specifically; that he would stake his career on it. And that he was the leader of Able Danger.

We have Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer -- who's outside in the hallway, who I couldn't bring into the House Gallery because of House rules, but who's available for you to talk to, outside -- who will testify under oath on Wednesday before the Senate that as a DIA liaison to Special Forces Command for Able Danger, he attempted to present information to the FBI on three occasions in September of 2000 about the Brooklyn cell and Mohammed Atta.

WELDON: We've identified the woman at the FBI who set those three meetings up. She will testify under oath at the Senate hearing next Wednesday that she actually organized three meetings. She knew the topics of the meetings because there had been other discussions that occurred prior to the attempt to set up those three meetings.

And in each of the cases of those three meetings, they were abruptly canceled by Pentagon lawyers hours before those meetings were to take place.

I asked the Pentagon had they talked to that FBI person. They said, "No."

And, by the way, the Pentagon did not conduct an investigation. There were no subpoenas. There were no witnesses under oath. It was an inquiry. There's a big difference between an inquiry and an investigation, as my colleagues on the Armed Services Committee brought up when we had a briefing last week with six or seven members of the committee.

What will be the added dimension to the Senate investigation and hearing that will take place on Wednesday is not just the five people that the Pentagon has confirmed, identified and knew about Mohammed Atta prior to 9/11, but we'll bring out the person who actually did much of the data analysis. Actually, his name, I think, has already been brought out in the public. That's J.D. (ph).

But the person who's not been brought out in the public yet, this individual who will testify that he was actually the one who destroyed 2.5 terabytes of data about Able Danger that included the Brooklyn cell and Mohammed Atta.

Now, I'm not a computer expert. I don't know what 2.5 terabytes of data are. But, John, I read your story. You called the Library of Congress.

And the Library of Congress, if we can believe this great reporter down here who I trust fully, told him that it's basically one-fourth of all the printed material that the Library of Congress has in their collection. Now, that's a lot of material.

So what we will have is a person who will testify under oath, on the record, that in the summer of 2000, he was ordered -- or he would lose his job and/or go to jail if he didn't comply -- he was ordered to destroy 2.5 terabytes of data specific to Able Danger, the Brooklyn cell and Mohammed Atta.

He will name the person who ordered him to destroy that material. And, furthermore, he will note that a commanding general from SOCOM -- Russ, what was his name?


WELDON: General Lambert was incensed when he found out that material that he was a customer for was destroyed without his approval.

So here we have a case where General Lambert at SOCOM was not told that an employee had been ordered to destroy all the material that he was a customer for. And that material related to Able Danger, it related to Al Qaida and it related to Mohammed Atta.

In addition, I urge you to go back and review, on the Heritage Commission Web site, a speech that I gave on May 23rd of 2002. That speech, which is one hour and 20 minutes long with questions, is about stovepipes. In fact, you'll see a chart there that I referred that I can't find.

WELDON: That chart refers to Able Danger.



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