georgie porgie and getting kicked out
Wed Oct 18, 2006 03:36

I agree; however, you have left out the outrageous atrocities that he and his gangstas' have done INSIDE this nation, not just to other parts of world:

1.) 9/11 WAS committed by this administration; find the plane debris at the Pentagon--there is none; find the bodies at the Pentagon "plane crash", there are none; find the luggage, the passenger seats, the wings, the wheels, the tail, fragments of the fuselage, there IS NONE;

2.)9/11 in Pennsylvania: find the boeing plane debris/wreckage at the "hole" where the plane "crashed"; there is none; the local coronor sent to the site walked away, hanging his head, and told the news media "there are no bodies to autopsy." Residents within an 8 mile square radius were finding debris in their fields, including parts of the plane, papers, brief cases, etc. ALL blown to smithereens; THIS PLANE WAS BLOWN OUT OF THE AIR!!!

3.) 9/11 at the Twin Towers and Building #7: investigate the testimonies given by many, many, many professionals scientists, archtects, etc., to the fact that: THESE BUILDINGS IMPLODED UPON THEMSELVES FROM PREPLANTED EXPLOSIVES FOR MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY and WAR WAR WAR WAR!!! They needed "something" as big as Pearl Harbor to go to war, control the U.S. citizens through shock and mind control, and to take more of our "freedoms" away in the name of "terror."

3.) and the REALLY big crapola done to the citizens of this nation: KATRINA!!!! That shows as much or more than the attitude of this bunch of crooks just how little they care about American citizens. Not only did they not respond as should have happened while the poorest of New Orleans were dying, they STILL (over 1 yr later) HAVE NOT REMOVED ALL OF THE DEAD BODIES FROM THE AREA and they have done NOTHING to rebuild the poorest parts of New Orleans where these bodies are still being found, and they DO NOT INTEND TO EVER REBUILD NEW ORLEANS TO ITS PRIOR POPULATION!!

SOO, when you look at the worldly mess that Geogie Porgie has driven us in to and you add the lies after lies after lies and the damage done to the American psyci, a Coup d'tate is EXACTLY what this country needs in order to salvage what is left of the principles of our forefathers, our Constitution and our own self esteem.


Thanks, I feel much better now. Do you?

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