Coup d'etat to Overthrow the US Bush Regime
Tue Oct 17, 2006 16:50

International Call for a Military Coup d'etat to Overthrow the US Bush Regime

The current "unelected" US Bush Administration is a murderous, tyrannical, traitorous, illegal and illegitimate enterprise run and supported by international fascist jewry based largely in London, United Kingdom.

During the 6 short years of its disastrous tenure, this regime has committed International War Crimes and Genocide in Iraq (up to 1 million killed), usurped the US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights with the Military Commissions Act of 2006, engaged in domestic and international terrorism and torture, stolen not one, but two, US presidential elections, made the use of nuclear weapons a 'viable option', is eagerly seeking to bring about World War 3 in the Middle East, has reaped untold billions in US taxpayer funded 'no-bid' corporate contracts, has suspended the 800 year old writ of 'habeas corpus', has engaged in widespread domestic and international warrantless wiretapping and surveillance (completely abolishing the US 4th Amendment right to privacy), is working hard to effectively criminalize all foreign and domestic free speech and dissent, has funded, built and endorsed the construction of concentration camps for American citizens on US soil, is destroying the global environment by debunking and rebuffing all urgent international calls to confront the supreme international threat of Global Warming, and has created, supported and legitimized an ultra-right wing domestic and international institutional fascist global police state network subservient solely to wealth, priviledge, greed, profit and temporal corporate/political power at the expense of everyone and everything else.

The current US Bush/Cheney Regime is the #1 international security threat today to the future of Mankind and the planet. Clearly, it is high time that the US military understand that they are being used as "cannon fodder" in wars being orchestrated to enrich, protect and defend the global elite from the masses of the world's desperate and suffering peoples.

It is the domain, duty and obligation of the US military at this time to TAKE COMMAND and overthrow (by Force) this most dangerous and destructive Administration before it succeeds in completely destroying what's left of this nation and the planet. A swift, precise, coordinated and comprehensive military coup d'etat, supported and endorsed by the international community of peoples and nations, is clearly the clarion call and urgent requirement for this hour.

To Commanders, Special Forces and Patriots of the US Armed Forces; its time to immediately organize to arrest, detain, prosecute and execute every single member and supporter of this current fascist dictatorship in America. These people have got to go. There is absolutely NO PLACE for this level of evil to exist any longer in our country nor in our world.

I therefore send out an international call for the militaries of the world, specifically the US military, to immediately carry out a military coup d'etat and complete overthrow of this current international terrorist network known as the US Bush Regime, so as to secure the peace and freedom for the peoples and nations of the world.


Jonas the Prophet
United States of America
Planet Earth




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