Wed Oct 18, 2006 04:10

The United States can now expect that its citizens and soldiers will be treated to Kangaroo Courts throughout the world, just the same as the rigged Military Commissions Bush has set up with the compliance of a pathetic Congress and Senate.

What a bloody disgrace the USA is to world justice. You may well be a Superpower but that's all you are - you've lost the plot totally.

USA Hang your head in shame, your idea of Justice SUCKS !!!

The good news is that BUSH and his co-conspirators may themselves face the same Military Commissions they have just legalised that are contrary to all Internationally accepted dictates of Justice.

It's time now that all Americans got off their butts and stood up for what is right, no more excuses, no more hiding - its time to rise up and be counted or you will all go down in a heap.

Chavez is right - Bush is as close to the Devil as you can get. He and his Administration have betrayed ALL Americans. It's time for him to go.

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