More CON-gress PUPPET B.S.
Thu Oct 19, 2006 23:55


Another Jew puppet spouting phony "terrorist" BS !!

I challenge CON-gress"man" Tom Tancredo to refute this.

What caused building # 7 at the WTC to collaspe JUST like the other 2 when it WAS NOT hit by a "plane" ???

It was NOT a 757 that hit the Pentagon !!

9-11 was NOT a "Terrorist" attack on Amerika. It was a TERRORIST ATTACK from within Amerika. This KIND of thing was pulled by Caesar long before Napoleon, Hitler and now the "Shadow" government controlling Amerika did it.

Proof of that is most clearly exemplafied by the Pentagon "attack"
A 757 is over 60 TONS of airplane !!!
Each engine weighs over 35,000 pounds !!
Each engine is mouted on the wings about 25 feet away from the fuselage.
Each wing is about 60 feet long
The Fuselage is 29 feet tall !!!
It can carry over 11,000 gals of jet fuel
Most of the fuel is carried in the wings !!!
It can seat over 200 passengers.

The "crash" site SINGLE hole was only 12 feet before the collaspe !!!
There was NO wing debri !!!
There was NOT enough fire for the amount of fuel !!!
There were NO holes from the engines !!!
There was NO lugage !!!
There was NO seats !!!
There were NO passengers bodies !!!!

If you check history, You will find Amerika is following EXACTLY step by step the Nazi party's plan for destroying the German Constitution and Germany's Civil Liberties.

The Election was in doubt and the German Court appointed Hitler President.
There was a faked attack on the Reichstag building, Nazi Headquarters.
It was blamed on innocent people and countries
There was a rush to pass the Enabling Act, which the "UN-Patriot Act" has much of the SAME language and POWERS ?????
(( 400 pages of "legislation" which appeared less than 2 WEEKS AFTER 9-11 ??? )) Get a CLUE !!!
There was the rush to war against ENEMIES of the STATE
They called their wars "PREEMPTIVE STRIKES ??? Just as Adolph Bush does !!!
They called their war BLITZKRIEG, "We" called "our's" SHOCK N AWE ????
They created a HOME LAND SECURITY DEPARTMENT just like ours with many of the same powers as "our's" ??
Innocent Civilians were rounded up tried, tortured and killed by military "Tribunals", both in Germany and the countries they invaded ???
Now under the new "Military Commision's Act" Adolph Bush can
Imprision, toture and murder American Citizens who don't believe the phony 9-11 story !!

And were have we heard this before ????

"The struggle between the two worlds can permit no compromises. It's either Us or Them! Either you're with us or you're against us!"
Benito Mussolini, 1930

One little bit of IGNORED history.
Caesar's Symbol was an Eagle
Napoleon' was an Eagle
Hitlers was an Eagle and
Now Amerika's is ALSO an Eagle ???

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