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After signing away more human rights and laws yesterday, US 'emperor' Bush today has signed another unbelievable law: claiming space. Enforced by a new military service, the 'U.S. Space Forces'. And again US 'diplomacy' is to order other nations to support the inhuman US policy, or...


This again represents another disturbing step towards total world subjugation by the US managers, a sick cabal motivated by imperialism and global US military expansionism: dominance by fear through genocides by their war machine. A new arms race in space.

by Henk Ruyssenaars

FPF/HR - October 18th 2006 - The insane usurpers in Washington just go on: as front-man for the cabal 'emperor' Bush has signed a new law concerning National Space Policy - claiming the US right to all of the universe, including space. The cabal managing the US announces 'it rejects anything that limits the U.S. power in space' and asserts the right to deny access to space to anyone hostile to U.S. interests. 'You are for us or against us' in space too?

"Freedom of action in space is as important to the United States as air power and sea power," the policy confirms in its introduction. The now by Bush signed 'space law' has nothing to do with 'security issues' but everything with US power and universal business. 'From outer space into your place' is the threat.

According to the usual official denials and overt lies 'the US is not planning to bring weapons into space' - and that may be correct: many are already there! And new weapons are further developed and will be launched. The PNAC propaganda paper 'Washington Post' writes about this 'far out' might makes right claim, but doesn't ask a logical question - like the rest of the US propaganda pundits: with what right does the US cabal think they can usurp space? And 'deny access to space to anyone hostile to U.S. interests'?

Many in the rest of the world - after all the ongoing US wars, global atrocities and yesterday's slaughter of the 'Habeas Corpus' law and the rest of the american jurisprudence - many couldn't dream of the Bush cabal even getting more mad than that. But they sure crossed the Rubicon. The Pentagon and Washington's 'crazies' officially and by their own new space law have as their greedy goals to "enable unhindered U.S. operations in and through space to defend our interests there." - 'Defending interests' means 'to get rid of any competition' for the loot.


Bush is usurping space in line with the cabal's 'Project for a New America' as Wikipedia* years ago could inform about: "The PNAC and its members also propose to control the new "international commons" of space and "cyberspace" and pave the way for the creation of a new military service ‹ U.S. Space Forces ‹ with the mission of space control. In 1998, Donald Rumsfeld chaired a bipartisan commission on the US Ballistic Missile Threat* toward advancement of these goals."


The so called 'Counterspace Operations Doctrine' from 2004 which the US Air Force tabled, called for ''a more active military posture in space'' and said that protecting U.S. satellites and spacecraft may require "deception, disruption, denial, degradation and destruction." Four years earlier, a congressionally commission led by Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld recommended developing space weapons to protect military and civilian satellites.*

Critics of the United States' international relations take umbrage at the PNAC's unabashed position of maintaining the nation's privileged position as sole world superpower. Some critics even assert that the fall of the Soviet Union indicates an end to the era of 'superpowers' and therefore any concept of military hegemony or ascendancy is overrated. Military might is not power in itself, say the critics; it requires huge financial commitments, strong domestic and international support, plus skillful management to be considered worthwhile.


Quoted in the PNAC paper Boston Globe, Philip Coyle - who served as the Pentagon's top weapons tester from 1994 to 2001 - said in an interview that he sees ''new emphasis on space weapons" even though ''there is no threat in space to justify a new arms race in space."

''US missile defense is the first wave in which the United States could introduce attack weapons in space, that is, weapons with strike capability," he said.

''Once you've got space-based interceptors up there, they can just as well be used for offense as defense."

'From outer space into your place' - is the threat announced. And they don't mean Internet or cable TV.

The cabal and it's ilk doesn't deserve to survive what they are doing to our world.

Henk Ruyssenaars


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