Well-Timed Scandal Pressures 9/11 Able Danger
Wed Oct 18, 2006 18:02

CNN: Lou Dobbs - Curt Weldon 'Able Danger'
CNN: Lou Dobbs - Able Danger
Rep. Curt Welden (PA) Vice Chairman Armed Forces Cmt.: 9/11 Commission Atta as Al-Qaeda before 9/11

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Subject: Well-Timed Scandal Pressures 9/11 Able Danger Whistle-blower Weldon Just Before Election
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Well-Timed Scandal Implication Pushing 9/11 Able-Danger Whistleblower
Weldon Out of House
Rep. said info on Atta before 9/11 went un-reported in "a clear and
unequivocal cover-up"

Aaron Dykes / Jones Report.com | October 18, 2006

The tight race for Pennsylvania's 7th Congressional district just
went high-profile after the FBI dramatically raided the offices of
Republican incumbant Curt Weldon's daughter-- raising appearances
that another Republican scandal has been exposed.

The FBI investigation, however, was in response to allegations from
over two and a half years ago that Rep. Weldon used his political
influence to secure lobbying contracts for his daughter, Karen
Weldon, in connection with Russian and Serbian energy firms. Not
exactly the stuff to break down doors over...

Weldon is openly suspicious about the timing of allegations less than
three weeks before the highly-anticipated mid-term election.

"What I find ironic, if there is an investigation, is that no one
would tell me until three weeks before the election," Weldon said.
"This incident was 2 1/2 years ago."

The unflattering attention now has polls tipped towards his opponent,
Democrat challenger Joe Sestak.

But the story here isn't just the timing of investigations or
Weldon's association with disgraced Republicans. There is an obvious
and accepted shift in control coming for the House and possibly the
Senate as Democrats-- in general-- prepare to win races against
Republicans--in general.

Behind the veil of public outrage ushering in a wave of Democratic
leaders is a culling of anti-establishment candidates. Consider the
curious thinly-veiled support of pro-war establishment Democrat Joe
Lieberman on the part of the Bush Administration...

Though Weldon supports Bush's War on Terror, and though Weldon has
accepted contributions from disgraced Representative Foley's PAC and
though Weldon has even commended Bush's signing of the Constitution-
destroying H.R. 6166, Weldon stands out in this upcoming election for
another unconventional reason:

He has questioned and pursued a cover-up of pre-9/11 intelligence in
the Able Danger program, which identified supposed lead hijacker
Mohammad Atta as an al Qaeda operative in the Bronx area during the
year 2000.

Since June of 2005, Weldon has been furiously outspoken on the issue.
He is particularly outraged at the deliberate ignorance the 9/11
Commission (headed by the "Honorable" Thomas H. Kean and Lee
Hamilton) has exhibited.

According to Weldon, the Commission, which released its report in
2004, refused to report on information regarding Able Danger, saying
that the print deadline for the report was only ten days away. Weldon
also says they would not take testimony from participants in the Able
Danger, but allowed for a closed-door account. The commission has
denied existence of evidence related to the program and changed its
story a number of times.

The 9/11 Commission report included no mention of Able Danger or the
fact that Mohammad Atta was clearly identified as an al Qaeda
operative more than a year before the September 11 attacks. Weldon
claims that his primary source is the sixth person to confirm this

Weldon called for a criminal investigation into the 9/11 cover-up
surrounding Able Danger. He takes the position passionately in a
speech from November 9, 2005 (video highlights below).
VIDEO LINK: Highlights from Curt Weldon speech calling for criminal
investigation into cover-up of Able Danger, November 9, 2005

Weldon, who supported War in Iraq, who supports War with Iran and who
may have even tried to cook up evidence connecting the two targeted
nations , is known as a "loose cannon" but touts the Republican party
line well enough.

It may be that his insistance on investigating Able Danger has more
to do with blaming the Clinton Administration for intelligence
failures and "missed chances" to stop al Qaeda, but it establishes
clear prior knowledge before the feet of both administrations.

Atta was not only identified, but linked with al Qaeda two years
before the attacks. Furthermore, he was under surveillance and the
program had gathered information such as travel manifests, bank
transactions, hotel records and credit applications.

"But (intelligence officials) were told that, because the men had
green cards, they couldn't touch them," Weldon said in an interview
from June 2005.

Weldon has vowed to push for further investigation, despite
expectations that "the D.I.A. (Defense Intelligence Agency) does not
want the story told intact" and the there will be "egg on the face of
the 9/11 Commission."
VIDEO LINK: More from Weldon's November 9, 2006 speech discussing
D.I.A. call for "killing Able Danger story" and Weldon's intention to
continue investigating.

The Bush Administration continues to deny any cover-up or willful act
in the 9/11 attacks, despite growing public suspicion (as reflected
by the Scripps-Howard poll and the Zogby poll) and over-whelming
evidence that-- at the absolute very least, in the event that you are
unwilling to consider evidence of Building 7, NORAD standard
operating procedures, the properties of physics and specifically fire-
proofed steel's ability to melt-- that the Bush Administration and
U.S. Intelligence did indeed have prior knowledge.

Despite the fact that Condoleeza Rice continues to deny that she
received any warnings, though former CIA head George Tenet has a
different recollection.

Yet, as Weldon points out, evidence like this is not investigated but
continually covered-up. He relays a quote from a senior member of the
Defense Intelligence Agency, who told his employees that "a top
priority this year is to kill the Able Danger story."

This goal may be achieved through the timely departure of Weldon from
public service-- appearances that he will go out under messy
accusations and investigations only support the idea that his
outspoken stance will be punished through the normal political cycle
of election-time mudslinging and stinging defeat.

In the face mounting evidence, establishment media (on the left and
right) continue to ignore evidence about Bush Administration
involvement in the 9/11 attacks, dismissing 9/11 skeptics as
'nutjobs,' 'conspiracy theorists,' 'retards' (as in the South Park
episode) and other epithets which simply skirt real issues and tout
the insulation of Bush incompetence (as Bill Maher and his guests did).

I suppose the idiot Bush 'accidentally' pressured for the passing of
the controversial H.R. 6166, giving him war crimes immunity as well
as the ability to torture so-labeled "enemy combatants" or strip
citizenship from Americans who can then be denied protections
previously afforded by the Bill of Rights and Constitution.

It would be difficult to deny the involvement of the Bush
administration in orchestrating or at least allowing 9/11 if you take
into account the testimony of then-Secretary of Transportation Norman
Mineta before the 9/11 Commission, where he reported on an
interaction between Vice President Dick Cheney and an aide inside a
NORAD bunker. The aide relayed the closing distance of the plane that
allegedly hit the Pentagon and asked Cheney "if the orders still
stand." According to Mineta's testimony, Cheney retorted, "Of course
the orders still stand. Have you heard any different?"

Mineta's testimony received little attention, despite the
implications that Cheney had NORAD stand down air defenses. He
remained in office until June 2006. Curiously, he resigned the day
after Scholars for 9/11 Truth founder Jim Fetzer discussed his
testimony during an appearance on FOX New's Hannity & Colmes.

Though his resignation went quietly, this reporter did catch mention
of his departure weeks after his resignation, during the period of
heightened airline security after an alleged plot to hijack 10
airliners from London was "foiled."

During the August 10, 2006 broadcast, MSNBC's Joe Scarborough was
venting about the inconvenience of airport security measures. His
guest begins to place blame on Norman Mineta and expresses relief at
his departure. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW:
VIDEO LINK: Reaction to Norman Mineta, weeks after his June 2006

Again, we see efforts to silence those questioning September 11 and
remove them from office. Their reputations are challenged in an
attempt to discredit their damaging statements and information.

Curt Weldon will likely be removed electorally for a number of
reasons, and he may deserve that treatment for his role as a war-hawk
for both Iraq and Iran and as a supporter of the Bush administration.
However, I contend that the establishment is quite eager to silence
those trying to expose the cover-up of 9/11.

Cynthia McKinney is a prime example. She has questioned the role of
the Bush administration in the September 11 attacks and has also been
ousted from office for doing so-- twice. She was first driven out in
a 2002 primary after raising questions about advanced knowledge of 9/11.

She re-opened hearings on 9/11 in July 2005 after re-claiming her
seat in the 2004 election. However, she lost the 2006 primary run-off
shortly after her highly-publicized, discrediting scuffle with a U.S.
Capitol police officer. She has also quizzed Defense Secretary Donald
Rumsfeld on trillions missing from the Pentagon and the involvement
of government contractor DynCorp in child-kidnapping rings.

On her way out of public service, McKinney is insulted and shamed not
only by administration cohorts like Fox News in a scandal-apparent,
but also by the likes of anti-administration funny man Jon Stewart of
the Daily Show, who said McKinney "seems ****** insane" during
coverage of the incident with the Capitol police officer.

But 9/11 isn't just about a cover-up or the continued bumblings of
scapegoat called Bush. Prior knowledge is just the tip of the iceberg
for a plot that was hatched and executed with a waiting scapegoat to
blame for the entire operation (though bin Laden is thoroughly
connected with the Bush family and the C.I.A.). Steven Jones and
other researchers have virtually proven the use of controlled
demolition in bringing down the WTC towers.

Building 7 continues to defy logical explanation for anywho who
doubts an inside job. Leftist gatekeepers like Matt Taibbi of Rolling
Stone may continue to ridicule those who believe this, but they still
lack the ability to account for such a phenomenon.

Accidental philosophy does not account for the sick accumulation of
evidence that continually points towards the Bush Administration
making 9/11 happen on purpose.

Curt Weldon may not hold that belief, but he is at least steadfast
enough to declare a deliberate cover-up when one is painfully
obvious. Able Danger is only one piece of the over-whelming amount of
9/11 evidence, but the current administration may sigh in relief all
the same in seeing its chief whistleblower in Congress removed
quietly from office-- or better yet amongst a demoralizing and
stigmatizing scandal.

See this story: http://www.jonesreport.com/articles/181006_weldon.html

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