Fri Oct 20, 2006 05:00

This loss of habeas corpus, law of 2006, opens the doors to begin gathering up Americans of disagreement w/our currnet "government" and take us, you and me on this web site and other sites, to those recently built Civilian Military Detention Camps (the latest new ones built this year by Haliburton, good ole' Chaney bunch)and the others at closed military bases ALL around the U.S.

Included in this search of us "bad" Americans, is now included the FBI and Chertoff's requests to internet providers to keep track of A L L our computer sites used to determine if WE are "home grown" terrorists, sneaking around on the internet and gathering all kinds of "evil doing" information to build bombs, plan god knows what, start terrorist organizaitons, etc.

Sounds to me as though our "leaders" are getting a little bit (BIG BIT!) paranoid due their OWN sneaking around and spying and all the evil things they have done and plan on doing (to us and the world) in the near future.

You know, sometimes paranoia is developed simply because the person has done so many sneaky, bad things that they feel they have to continually look over their shoulder, so to speak, thereby in fear of being counteracted upon themselves.

So> we are on the list of being spied on not only over our phones, but also the internet (which by the way they have been doing for quite a while, just not exactly through our internet providers);this new law of 2006 which removes any writ of habeas corpus rights of being brought to court to hear the charges against you after arrest;does this all together sound pretty scary to you???

It damn sure does to me!!!!

You have silently (through legal legislation)been perminently moved into Martial Law without the aloud declaration of such! Think about it folks; our time is almost up--is Martial Law the "BIG" October surprise that Rove, Chaney, etc., have been blabbering about?

Everybody best bend over, grab your ankles because your ass belongs to this facist/4th reich government under the guises of "deomcarcy."

As quote by Chaney: "you better be nice to the United States OR we'll bring democracy to YOUR country!"

We are in so much trouble~~~~~

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