9/11: trying to set the record straight, from Italy
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9/11: trying to set the record straight, from Italy


Q: There was a controlled demolition of the WTC?

A: Yes.

Q: Why?

A: Because it was dangerous to let the towers fail not in a
vertical fashion. If the towers were to fail skewed, more victims
could have been envisaged. This was a kind of a decision on the
principle of less damage.

Q: But how? You mean that the towers were pre-engineered with

A: Yes. Unknown to many people, many structures are pre-build with
explosive charges inside. As an example I can tell you about Swiss
bridges and infrasctuctures that are build with explosive charges

Q: Why?

A: Because in the case that the people understand the very criminal
nature of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), based in
Basel, they may wonder about to get there and arrest the banking-
Spectre that is endangering the very future of western civilization.
So the Swiss engineered to make all the infrastructure able to self-
destroing in case of international upraising. This idea and
technology was cloned by other countries to protect key points of
the powers-that-be war-rooms. Another example is the Euro-tower in
Frankfurt (aside from some other buildings in Strasbourg and
Bruxelles). Just in the case if some enemy force may attack them,
they will self-destroy - primarly to destroy documents that may
probe their guilty actions. Do you know that the archives of the
French-based Credit Lyonnais was burned down three times?
Another very good fire happened in Monaco, when Edmund Safra was
used as the most expensive mean to light a cigar... some years ago.

Q: So you mean that the WTO towers WERE riddled with explosives for
security reasons?

A: Yes. And they were blown because it was dangerous to let them
fall apart: those debris could have armed more buildings around. In
fact, this eplain also the mystery about the so called dancing-jews:
they were able to succesfully blow the towers without collateral
damages to other very important finance buildings.
The whole misunderstanding came because the Bush administration is
reluctant to tell that they made a sad choice: but it was the only
choice to avoid further damage, then. Those kind of choices are
covered by secret because the people don't really like to know that
sometimes you can't do the right thing: you just have to do the
thing that do the lesser evil....


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