The Death of the President Movie
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Subject: The Death of the President Movie
Date: Fri, 20 Oct 2006 01:10:54 -0400
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The Death of the President Movie

A friend sent me the link that shows the controversial movie The Death of the President which as we all know is a fictional piece in which Bush is assassinated. This movie reminded me of the movie ‘Meltdown’ which aired on the FX channel back in 2004 and after seeing that movie was aired, I wrote the following piece And We're Worried About Box Cutters? that was published on Should you wish to read what was also written of the movie 'Meltdown', please click on this link.

You may ask why these two movies are similar and the reason is that the blame fell on the wrong people or in the case of the Bush assassination movie, person.

I found it to be a riveting movie, but should an event like this ever happen especially post 9/11 it would have a devastating affect on us all. If we think we are living in a police state now and event like this would increase that environment ten fold.

I will not give away any further information of this movie, but allow you to see for yourself.
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