CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence'
Mon Oct 17, 2005 20:54

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17 October 2005

CIA leak probe 'widening to include use of intelligence' 17 Oct 2005 Evidence is building that the probe conducted by Patrick Fitzgerald, special prosecutor, has extended beyond the leaking of a covert CIA agent's name to include questioning about the Bush regime's handling of pre-Iraq war intelligence.

'Hidden Scandal' in Miller Story, Charges Former CBS Newsman 16 Oct 2005 On Sunday, former CBS national security correspondent Bill Lynch posted his views in a long letter about it at the Romenesko site at 'There is one enormous journalism scandal hidden in Judith Miller's Oct. 16th first person article about the (perhaps lesser) CIA leak scandal. And that is Ms. Miller's revelation that she was granted a DoD security clearance while embedded with the WMD search team in Iraq in 2003. In an era where the Bush Administration seeks to conceal mountains of government activity under various levels of security classification, why would any self-respecting news organization or individual journalist agree to become part of such a system? Readers would be right to question whether a reporter is operating under a security clearance and, by definition, withholding critical information. Does a newspaper not have the obligation to disclose to its readers when a reporter is not only
embedded with a military unit but also officially proscribed in what she may report without running afoul of espionage laws?'

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