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Wed Oct 15 03:12:42 2003


THE WORLD TRADE CENTER was built and designed to withstand the impact of a jumbo jet. That includes the Boeing models 747,757,767,777.

Therefore when a Jumbo Jet, consisting primarily of merely a hollow pressurized cabin, impacts the reinforced concrete and steel support beams of the World Trade Center that it crumples on impact on the outside of the building and falls to the ground because of little encroachment into the building.

The American Media has told people that a Jet wing can cut through steel reinforced concrete designed to withstand the impact of a high speed jet impact.

America was told that what they witnessed was what appeared to be a jet flying completely into the World Trade Center as if it were Jello. What the American media reported was something that is physically impossible. This is another Single Bullet Theory.

The answer is that a cruise missile with a military hologram aboard crashed into the building. A Cruise missile is small enough to fly into the building if it were to avoid any steel beams and merely properly aimed at open office glass panes.

Click here
and witness what it looks like when a military hologram strapped to a Cruise missile flies into the World Trade Center. It is like flying into a sea of Jello. Furthermore the explosion takes place well after it would have, had it been a real airplane. Certainly Big Brother Daddy Bush pulled off one of the greatest illusions of all time.

And here is another version from ABC News. Click here

So then what actually imploded the building? Answer: The WTC buildings were wired with explosives by sub-contractors working alongside the FBI. All of the European Intelligence agencies have the documented proof of how this magic show was carried out.

Meanwhile Lenny suggests that in keeping with the past Illuminati history of similar treasonous operations watch for a Sub-contractors Death List to emerge.

What illusion will they try risk next? Stand by and fasten your seat belts and put on your percept cap and read Stefan Grossman's report below.

What Happened to the Black Boxes?


9-11 Mystery Unravelled
Stefan Grossmann On Cloakanddagger Radio Show

How Military Hightech Was Used On 9-11-2001

The author of this website, Dr. Stefan Grossmann, was on Lenny Bloom’s Cloakanddagger Radio Show last night (www.cloakanddagger.ca). For one hour, he informed listeners in Canada and the northern U.S.A. how military hightech was used on 9-11-2001 in order to simulate realistic-looking holographic projections of airplanes into the World Trade Center. While he was looking at engineering graphics of the event on his computer screen, he verbally informed the listeners:

Watch this CNN video of the second impact
(WTC south tower) in slow motion – the ENTIRE plane including the wing tips etc. “glide” unobstructed (despite steel walls!) into the building – they do not interact with the solid steel frame that surrounds the building – no jolt, no wobble – the explosion is delayed after the impact despite the fact that the wing tanks of the alleged Boeing 767-200 are full of explosive kerosene and “fly through” that what is functionally a solid steel wall. (A note aside: a single brick falling on a wing let the space shuttle crash!)

Premise a: The hole in the WTC south tower is considerably smaller than the alleged Boeing 767-200.

Premise b: The CNN video (and other videos by ABC, Spiegel TV etc.) show that the ENTIRE plane “glided” into the building.

Conclusion: Before the eyes of millions of people, the outer wings (at least a total of 30 feet), the tail rudder and the tail winglets of the alleged “airplane” flew through the steel perimeter wall of the WTC2 tower WITHOUT LEAVING A HOLE! Physics mandates us to believe: the alleged “airplane” was no solid object. It was a hologram! The Pentagon has “airborne holographic projector” technology mounted on a cruise missile, http://www.au.af.mil/au/2025/volume4/chap03/b5_6.htm (details were declared a military secret in 1994, more about this in my writings). The hole lets in a cruise missile which was flying inside a much bigger hologram, disguising it as a “hijacked passenger plane”.

Further, the video shows us the “lightning beep” flashing up just before the plane’s nose glides into the wall of steel perimeter columns. This is a scalar weapon (see Col. Thomas E. Bearden at http://www.cheniere.org/books/analysis/history.htm and elsewhere on his huge web site) like it was used in Bagdhad 2003 out of a U.S. tank to melt cars and buses (see report at http://www.rense.com/general40/secret.htm ). This “scalar weapon” is an advanced laser-analogous weapon that can melt steel in an instant. It created the “hole” to let a disguised cruise missile in the building. The hole was not created by a solid object. (The real hijacked planes were exchanged against the flying objects long before coming close to the buildings, see http://www.serendipity.li/wot/plissken.htm and http://www.serendipity.li/wot/operation_pearl.htm.

The laser-analogous scalar flash can also be seen on the (uncensored version of the) amateur video (Naudet video) of the first crash (north tower), http://www.serendipity.li/wot/aa11.htm (explaining the flash as the firing of a missile, which it was not – it was a scalar flash with about the same effect).

The “flying objects” that “hit” WTC tower 1 and the Pentagon were also such holographically disguised cruise missiles. At the Pentagon, Corporal Jason Ingersoll of the Marine Corps photo lab actually photographed the initial impact hole before the wall sagged and fell – again, the hole is only 15-20 feet big, much too small for a Boeing 757-200 to pass through, but big enough for a cruise missile – was the cigar-shaped object draped in a blue foil that a team of soldiers carried away from the Pentagon crash site on their shoulders the smoking gun/cruise missile?

The actual barrel-shaped projector pod of the military’s “airborne holographic projector” was found to be shown in the video footage, http://www.rense.com/Datapages/wtcobj.htm.

The whole thing is: use of military hightech in order to trick the people into seeing “hijacked airplanes” – subsequently, the buildings fell due to explosives in controlled demolitions, as seen by firemen, recorded on video and documented by U.S. government seismic measurement stations.

References and details are in my two PDF e-books (Blockbuster, and Additional Hologram Papers).

- Blockbuster: 15 pages, graphics, video still frames, links

- Additional Papers: 60 pages, including analysis by MIT engineering Professor Tomas Wierzbicki

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Moses saw GOD in a burning Bush.

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