By Cathy Garger
Plea to the Awake, Aware and Outraged
Wed Oct 11, 2006 19:19

Plea to the Awake, Aware and Outraged

By Cathy Garger

Oct 11, 2006, 15:43

If you are awake, aware, and more than outraged, I've got to ask. Has this been a week from Hades or what? Certainly Hugo Chavez - and the rest of the world would agree. Oh, perhaps Tony in the UK would be an exception, as he’s the fellow who seems to find little fault with the US (and some say even holds the American Devil’s uh, pitchfork). Rumor even has it that since taking office, the American Devil-Monster has spread his putrid stench wherever Air Force One happens to land.

Or perhaps we’re confusing the aroma of sulphur with something else? Maybe it’s just me, but lately it seems that those who work inside the District have been overdosing on laxatives and relieving themselves all over America. With the world as America’s porcelain commode, is it any wonder that every awake and aware person I know is either pissed off , depressed, or both by the conclusive Sell Out of the American republic?


Dirty Hot Topic - Uranium

Not content to use only the US as its personal kitty litter, the American Empire apparently feels the need to take a hot nuclear dump all over as many locations and defenseless peoples as it possibly can. Unlike elephant and donkey dung that’s left behind after a circus show, however, there’s only so much US military uranium waste products that can be shoveled up.

Unlike animal waste products, however? This cheap, invisible, purposely-manufactured by-product of nuclear fission floats through the air and is both radioactive and, regrettably, not bio-degradable. The American Devil & Co. cooks up this stuff and claims to want to make the world safe for democracy, but is amazingly UN-concerned about dealing with this petty little issue about rendering the planet an unsafe, unfit place to live.

New vocabulary lesson to expand our word power begins now. Can you say de-population, boys and girls?

Holy GBUs, Uncle Sam! You’ve gone and made a radioactive wasteland of the Middle East! May the Earth Goddess show no mercy upon your vile and pathetic, twisted souls for leaving a whole lot more in Afghanistan and Iraq than merely “freedom and democracy” behind!

Wait just one opium-picking second here! This is My government I’m talking about. These sub-humans have taken illegitimate control over My government. These slimy, low-life reptilian creatures who are supposed to be representing My wishes are the very ones that used thousands of tons of weaponized uranium in the Middle East. This was done by those in charge of My country, using My tax dollars, to kill innocent people - on purpose! Although I may be only one among 300,000 Million others? These unforgivable acts are being committed, using bona-fide WMDs, in My good name!

On this issue of uranium weapons, we have woken up way, way too late. Fifteen years too late, to be precise. We can not, of course, un-do the damage we’ve already done, as the poison dust and gas had spread throughout the world, through the winds, in the atmosphere. Even still, there is hope for the future, hope that we can force the Empire to stop using this radioactive poison one day.

Thanks to the mainstream media covering up countless such dirty little secrets, great and significant damage has been done to the world while we have been sleep-walking through our lives. But awakening at last, one can tell from political discussions on the Internet that those who read more than words under the pictures in People and Hustler are finally starting to realize that some pretty dastardly deeds have been plotted and carried out from inside DC’s Hades Central.

I wish I had a dollar for every time the words “nuclear,” “torture,” “habeas corpus” and “attack” hit my Inbox last week. And just like a bad dream, we’ve now got not one but three judges unanimously giving the high-five sign to Bush Co. to go full speed ahead with surveillance of calls and emails made to locations overseas. Just scanning last week’s emails containing articles and rants dripping disgust and despair is enough of an indication that Americans who “get it” are up in arms… like never before.

Good Ol’ Politics - Back In The Day

It's not even politics as usual. Used to be, once upon a time, a pacifist Dem, for example, could point out that everything was the fault of the Other party, those lousy Republicans - those amoral, corrupt, big business partners-in-crime and their wicked war-profiteering ways. And, back five years, ten months ago, (but who‘s counting?) back before the latest American dictator seized power, pious GOP conservatives would heckle ol’ Billy Boy for his creative use of cigars and female staffers with ample mouths which, according to the Radical Religious Right, facilitated the moral decay of the nation.

Oh how we long for the good ol’ days , when we could blame it all on the fault of the “other” Party, and at least our Monsters in power contained their lewd harassment to underlings who had reached the age of consent! Back in the day, we used to have the luxury of choosing which political Party better fit our values and world view, then could pretty much stick with that Party for life. That was when there were distinct Party lines separating issues so that even simpleton Texas bush-whackers could remember a single color choice - red or blue - and make that simple-as pie-distinction about who to vote for come election day.

Nowadays of course, everything’s made easy for us! We don’t have to agonize over red or blue as an either/or situation since both major political parties have melded conveniently into one. Blatantly obvious to anyone reading between the lines is that both parties have tacitly agreed to work hand-in-hand. Oh certainly yes, they pretend to disagree now and then, but both are more or less equal in complicity in the amoral, sometimes illegal, and always ethically questionable Capital shenanigans.

Al Qaeda As Political Sport

Feigning strife and diversity, American public spectators get to watch the two pretend-to-be-warring camps accusing one another of all manner of atrocities. Few are amused by an uproar last week concerning one former legislator’s lewd e-messages to Congressional pages. Certainly this is wrong and should not go uninvestigated. In traditional Party politics-as-usual drama, however, this is but one of countless stories the American public is fed to distract us - and sway our votes in the upcoming election . None of these distractions, however, has Anything Whatsoever to do with the daily lives of US citizens.

And, just as an aside, does anyone else sense that the timing of North Korea’s reported “nuclear test” is just a wee bit too close to US elections to be a total coincidence? Let’s face it. If donkey and elephants, jackasses both, put on Grand Theatre on the floor of the Capitol day in and day out for the unsuspecting masses of American voters, what makes us think that back room deals are not also made between Superpowers who pretend to be enemies for the grand theatre of world exhibition stage?

While we’re talking about Broadway caliber play acting, let’s not forget to mention the matter of the biggest on-going political farce of all, the Al Qaeda/Bin Laden affair. To this day, both parties still accuse one another of being The Party that allowed some bearded, robed CIA asset on dialysis to defeat all of NORAD in not one unprecedented attack - but four. With the recent five year anniversary of 9/11 hoopla in the news, both Dems and GOP Capital-ized on the opportunity to win pre-election votes by staging award-winning performances - with lights on, camera action-ready mainstream media ever-present, naturally.

If we listen to Congress we’ll hear that yes indeed, it’s all the Other Party’s fault that Bin Laden/Al Qaeda and their horrible pilots, those boozing, coke-snorting, strip-clubbing 19 kamikaze pilots of deep Muslim faith did it! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Yet rather than examine the obvious (like, Uh Duh, how could this have ever happened in not one but four places - and, like, how come people at the top got rewarded instead of fired - or worse?) the party politics rage on as usual with typical mock outrage, with both sides accusing one another of nobody in the Other Party doing anything to “prevent” the attacks.

How long can these charades go on, with Americans being played for absolute morons? I guess this bipartisan play-acting will last as long as we let it continue. Both political parties will perpetually strive to keep the Biggest Lie in US History alive - namely, that robed and sandaled rebels from remote Afghanistan mountains on some mission from Allah created four separate attacks that outwitted the mightiest military defense system in the world.

But we, the awake and aware Americans, are not so easily fooled. We are the ones who realize that there is a rich history of US false flag operations and undercover secret US military ops waged since nearly the beginning of American history. Reading about Operations Northwoods reminds us that the ol’ War Department has always been in the business of not just defending and protecting our borders…but about making justifications and “opportunities” for aggressive wars of profiteering imperialists’ messiest wet dreams happen.

Heavy Metal Mechanical Congress

How does the rest of America feel about the job this administration is doing? With presidential approval currently at a murky 39 percent, our fellow citizens apparently agree with Chavez that the “Monster” ain’t doing so hot. Likewise, Congress is in America’s doghouse, too. With a recent slew of lousy laws passed and the debauchery as rampant as ever on Capital Hill, would anyone argue that, like the Head US psychopath, our lawmakers have ceased functioning as real live flesh-and-blood human beings, too?

Those who possess human traits and qualities in the nation’s capital (take conscience, for starters) seem to be in woefully short supply. One suspects strongly that the body parts of all 535 members of Congress have been removed one night while they were sleeping and their skin casings stuffed with mechanical parts. Rumor has it that the Congressional psychopaths do not bleed, and are controlled remotely from other locations, such as wherever Bilderbergers and other powerful controlling globalists are known to meet.

As is more than evident by Congressional voting patterns, our legislators have displayed few, if any, voting trends that reflect the actions of actual human beings who bleed real blood and shed real tears. And, if it were all not quite so horrifying and nauseating, it would be truly fascinating to sit back and be entertained by Congressional drama-in-action.

Coming to Washington anytime soon? Forget the Kennedy Center and book a seat instead inside the US Capitol Building! On any given day that Congress is in session, our professional Capitol Players brave the tough cobblestone road commute from their posh brick Georgetown town homes for the benefit of C-Span cameras. The Congressional Theatre Troupes in both House and Senate (but particularly the latter) put on magnificent performances as the Master Thespians they are, bantering back and forth, red-blue, blue-red, (Oh, the drama!) all the while pretending to give a rat’s ass about their constituents back home on the farm.

Speaking of giving a rat’s rear end, I want to see the next MSNBC poll just once ask an important question. How ‘bout we write in and ask them to run this one: “Do you believe that even one member of the US Congress has any semblance of a conscience?” It would be fascinating to see how many Americans mistakenly believe that any of them care! This spectacle of Congressional robots follows so precisely the mandates of our delusional, fascist, dictator of a President (did I mention imperial ruler, invader, conqueror, and occupier?) who appears hell-bent on a mandate from the fire-y netherworld to go forth and kill people with skin tones darker than his own.

One truly can not help but wonder if both Congressional party players get together after hours over Heinekens and Schnapps to study the works of the Nazi-era political leader, Hermann Goering, who at least had the honesty to admit, “I have no conscience. My conscience is Adolf Hitler.” Okay, maybe they don’t bring out the Fuhrer’s books with their German bier. But one thing you can’t deny is that our lawmakers sure don’t vote like they’re taking their orders from the same Jesus of the Bible that I’ve read - that’s for certain!

Say Hello to One Party Politics !

With such horrendous legislation getting passed without anyone putting up too much of a real fight, it’s time to tell America to give up on politics now and just stop the voting! No need to go to the polls anymore as modern day political unity finally exists! Save money on dirty, career-smearing TV campaign ads and forget about saliva-kissed babies by greasy-mouth politicians whoring it up for the camera! Save your time and money as there’s absolutely no need for campaign volunteering and contributions when either political party will do just as nicely as the next!

Washington, DC has become a convenient gathering place where those who love to lie, cheat, steal, and kill go to assemble with others of their ilk to put petty politics aside and pretend to prove just how “free” our great republic is! Hot damn, are our politicians ever proud to serve their corporate masters as they obediently bend over like slaves for one “emergency” war funding appropriations bill after the next and allow our military to Stick It to nations who possess attractive assets and lack any real capability for military defense!

Both parties, after all, endorse and nearly-unanimously fund bill after bill of pre-emptive, unjustified illegal American wars in defiance of international law concerning war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Both parties are fully signed up for threats against nations like Iran who express a desire to enrich uranium for power - just like the US and 30 other nations do.

Both parties are hell-bent on dismantling our Constitution, policing and watching our every move, listening in on our phone calls, and pulling our remaining rights, liberties, and freedoms out from under us.

Both parties accept rigged elections with vote counting done in secret and machines programmed to play funny games - with no way to legitimately verify results.

Both parties get off on destroying the environment and effectively nuking the planet with our military’s guns, tanks, and bombs in the Middle Eastern part of the world.

Both parties accept US military false flag operations such as 9/11 as necessary in furthering the goals and aims of US imperialism.

Both parties give the go-ahead for detentions for any length of time, for any reason, under any condition, without due legal process. On the issue of torture, a fully united Congress voted together to bring it on - in whatever manner the Torturer-In-Chief shall desire. In its infinite wisdom, Congress voted and decided that the Head Torturer has the right to exercise his particular sadistic whim and discretion in order to personalize an individual’s plan of torture.


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