“War on the Middle Class”
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Subject: “War on the Middle Class”
Date: Wed, 11 Oct 2006 17:49:57 -0500
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Attention Middle Class People. Are you stuck in the middle with no place to go? Finding a hard time getting a job? Do you seem to never really get the pay or standard of living you need?

Now, you can read a book about your predicaments. More details awaiting you below.


“The government, big business, and special interest groups are enriching themselves at our expense. Now more than ever, we’re finding ourselves at the mercy of those individuals and organizations that control jobs, provide goods and services, and wield power...The middle class is being picked apart and its future mortgaged for the benefit of a small group of powerful American interests.”

Read more on: “War on the Middle Class”

Do you not fit into one of the Governments, Big Business or Special Interest Groups?

Well then… join the Armed Forces!

Just remember! If you do sign that dotted line “Nothing is written in gold and promises,

if they were made, are made to be broken”. But don’t worry about that stuff right now,

You’re healthy and young (well…some of you are), just sign that dotted line anyhow;

they have some really cool short term incentives that will help you pay for a new
shinny red truck or motorcycle and stuff.

The recruiters will not yell at you and you might even get a free watch and hat to show

your friends before saying goodbye and shipping off to recruit training.


Look below!
They even made it easy for you to sign up!

Especially, if you don’t like to be told what to do, unless, you’re told nicely.
The “Army Strong” needs you!
Hurry! Positions may fill quickly!

As D.C. Lawmakers continually refuse to uphold benefits to “Support Our Troops”, Military Recruiters must expand short term re-enlistment bonuses in an attempt to maintain Career Troops who may not be aware that promises made today may be promises broken tomorrow by our elected D.C. Lawmakers who have inflicted a self-imposed dwindling “All Volunteer Force” upon themselves and this Nation.

Are you NOT Qualified to Join the United States Armed Forces? Keep checking in with a Recruiter, standards continue to be lowered in order to EASE requirements to get you enlisted. Without a DRAFT and with D.C. Lawmakers eliminating promised incentives to the All Volunteer Force, reducing many of the requirements to enlist can help DoD meet monthly/annual Recruiting Goals. This appears to be a vicious cycle of breaking promises and then making up new promises to cover-up for the previous old broken promises.

Dr. Chu of DoD’s Manpower said “19-Year-Old doesn’t care about Retirement; he wants a Pick-Up Truck?? Was there a survey issued by DOD to the troops? Pick-Up Truck vs. Retirement? Or is Dr. Chu just taken advantage of troops busy fighting a war and maybe their naiveness of politics at a young age?

After reading all of the above links and then reading this below paragraph/links...

-According to David S.C. Chu, Undersecretary of Defense, DoD reached its 2006 recruiting goals “against an unchanged set of standards”.-

Someone is manipulating the truth? Who could it be?

Thinking about a career in the military’s All Volunteer Forces? Then don’t read this link! Current plans are underway to yet again, undermine recruiting and retention of our Armed Forces by eliminating more incentives from the career minded individuals (Incentives = All Volunteer Forces. Reduced/eliminated incentives = substandard recruits and reduced retention/career forces) by denying any retainer/retirement incentive payments until you reach age 60. This dramatic change in military pay and pension appears to be classified as a PROMISE?

Jim North
Webmaster: http://www.TheOnlineCampaign.com
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