Oh No! - Air America Radio files Chapter 11 "Plan "B"
Fri Oct 13, 2006 18:28

Oh No! - Air America Radio files Chapter 11 "Plan "B"

Air America Radio files Chapter 11 - U.S. Business - MSNBC.com

This is reorganization bankruptcy not going out of business bankruptcy,
But it may end up being going out of business bankruptcy if You do not
act ? !


OK People ! Plan "B" !!

Now is now time to fish or cut bate !

If you believe in free speech and honest government and want Air
America to continue then you need to contact them at the emails below
and suggest that they take up my idea of pay radio on the Honor System.

That is have them sign up listeners for a small $1-$2-$5-$10 a month
payment automatically charged to their credit card to help fund Air
America and keep it on the air to keep getting the Truth out and to help
get a Fed Government that has checks and balances back in power.

It's up to you ! Do you care enough about Free Speech and getting
your Constitutional Rights Back ? !

Email them below

PS: Many other Progressive radio programs are at risk because of this
also, Shows like Ed Schultz and Stephanie Miller that are on stations
that recently switched to all Progressive programming may lose those
stations if Air America shuts down and they switch back to right wing
programming ?

Upper Management
Jon Sinton jsinton@airamericaradio.com 

Upper Management
Jim Wiggett jwiggett@airamericaradio.com

Acting CEO Rob Glaser rglaser@airamericaradio.com


* George W. Bush is lying! Aren't you tired and angry being lied to, Stacey?
(Published: Friday, October 13, 2006


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