Bush's & Congress' Disrespect to the veterans
Sun Oct 15, 2006 01:01

Bush's & Congress' Disrespect to the veterans

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Soldiers, Families and Veterans Action Agenda
Keeping America's Promise to Those Who Serve

We share a unique bond with our men and women in uniform and their
families. Because of our own service or family relationships, we
understand their sacrifice and dedication to duty in a very personal

We are committed to keeping America's promise to those who serve our
nation with honor and courage in our Armed Forces. America owes no
greater debt.

We are committed to passing and funding legislation, crafting
policies, and fulfilling our critical duty of oversight to equip and
train the best military force in the world; to protect the health
and welfare of our troops, their families and our veterans; to
improve the quality of life for those who are willing to make the
ultimate sacrifice and their families who share that sacrifice; to
end the disgraceful and unfair treatment of our serviceman and women.

As Democratic veterans and their family members seeking to serve
Texas in the U.S. Congress, we are committed to transcending the
ultra-partisan politics and senseless bickering that dishonor the
contribution to our national security and our future made by our
brave men and women in uniform and their families.

In these perilous and uncertain times, we will take the following
action to safeguard our national security here and abroad by keeping
our military and America strong – and by keeping our promise to our
service men and women, their families and veterans.

Action Agenda:

Enact the New GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century which been
stalled in Congress for so long. The Bill offers comprehensive and
essential improvements in healthcare, education, compensation and
benefits to meet the demands of a new millennium.

Anticipate, appropriate and adequately fund our domestic US
military installations to support the military mission and families.
Many of our installations are experiencing drastic budget shortfalls
that seriously impair our military's ability to accomplish their
mission and hurts military families because of Congress' poor
planning and under funding in the federal budget.

Increase and expand healthcare programs for our active duty
service members. There is an urgent need for in-patient and peer
counseling programs, especially in the area of Post Traumatic Stress
Disorder for those returning from Iraq.

Increase veterans' eligibility and access to healthcare because
they've earned it. America has created a new generation of combat
veterans, yet Congress and the administration have turned their
back, refusing to provide the necessary funding for these critical
services. We must restore and increase the funding.

Increase veterans' eligibility and funding for disability
benefits because they've earned it. Congress must mandate VA to
reduce the time required to process the veteran's claim.

Eliminate the "disability tax" paid by our veterans. No federal
employee is forced to give up part of his retirement pay because
he's been injured on the job and now receives disability
compensation, except for veterans injured during their service to
their country.
Eliminate the "military widow's tax". Congress just voted to
continue this dishonorable practice.

Mandate an Independent Study of the medical effects of the use
of depleted uranium on U.S. armor and weaponry on service man and
women. Congress must act responsibly to protect their health so we
do not repeat the mistakes associated with exposure to such elements
as Agent Orange and atomic blasting. Then Congress must mandate and
fund healthcare programs to treat and care for any adverse health

The attitude of many in Washington toward the men and women who
serve their nation has been: When you're in Iraq or Afghanistan
putting your life on the line, God bless you. But, when you come
home, God help you.
As Democratic veterans and family members, we think this is
shameful. We are committed to bringing the Soldiers, Families and
Veterans Action Agenda to the House floor for full and open debate,
an up and down vote without partisan delay. We make this unwavering
commitment to honor those who serve and their families. It is how
we begin to repay a debt of honor, it's in the best interests of our
country and it is simply the right thing to do.

Solidiers and veterans click on the above link
IRAQ WAR- Rumsfeld's mismanagement of the War needs to end!
• I will never support an exit strategy that squanders our son’s service in Iraq or shames my husband, a retired Army warrant officer.
• Our government must implement and execute an exit strategy that protects our national interests and brings our soldiers home as soon as possible by setting achievable benchmarks for the Iraqi government. It must be done and it can be done.
• Our government must install a truly international peace-keeping coalition now and redeploy American soldiers out of Iraq before it explodes into a full-blown civil war.
• The newest federal budget asks for more than a half a trillion dollars to fund the War for another year when we were told that Iraqi oil would pay for the War.
• My opponent, the incumbent, has consistently said the Iraq war is a big success.
- My opponent agreed with the President when he said that we will be there for years to come.
- My opponent has never questioned this administration’s policies in Iraq.
- My opponent voted with Tom DeLay 98% of the time.

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