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CIA acquires new US clandestine leadership role
Thu Oct 13, 2005 23:45

CIA acquires new US clandestine leadership role
Washington Post, United States - 10 hours ago
... September 11, 2001, attacks, the new National Clandestine Service, or NCS, will operate out of the spy agency under a director reporting to CIA Director Porter ...
CIA to retain No. 1 overseas spying role Science Daily (press release)
Negroponte creates new clandestine service San Jose Mercury News
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CIA acquires new clandestine leadership role

By David Morgan
Thursday, October 13, 2005; 6:25 PM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. intelligence chief John Negroponte on Thursday put the CIA in charge of all traditional U.S. spying operations overseas, including those of the FBI and the Pentagon, in a move seen to restore some of the beleaguered agency's stature.

The CIA will lead a new National Clandestine Service, or NCS, which will be headed by undercover intelligence officer who has led the CIA's Directorate of Operations up to now.

The move is part of an ambitious strategy to rebuild U.S. human intelligence after debilitating lapses over Iraq and the September 11, 2001, attacks. The plan also gives CIA Director Porter Goss the added title of national HUMINT manager.

HUMINT is bureaucratic parlance for human intelligence, which involves spying by people rather than satellites and other technology.

"I am confident that with the creation of the NCS, the U.S. government will have a more cohesive and truly national human intelligence capability," Negroponte said in a statement announcing the launch of the new service.

The NCS incorporates the CIA's Directorate of Operations, which runs the agency's existing clandestine, covert and paramilitary operations around the world.

But the NCS also is intended to be a national authority for the integration and coordination of human intelligence operations by the CIA, the FBI, the Defense Intelligence Agency and the intelligence units of individual military services.

Under the plan approved by President George W. Bush in recent days, individual agencies will continue to run their own spying operations. But as a new coordinating force in the intelligence community, the NCS will address structural problems blamed for missteps on Iraq and the September 11 attacks that killed 3,000 people and prompted the U.S. war on terrorism.


A main task is to set common standards for intelligence officer training, basic espionage practices or "tradecraft" and the assessing of foreign intelligence informants.

The FBI and the Pentagon have aggressively expanded their spying activities overseas since the September 11 attacks, sparking new concern within intelligence circles about how to facilitate cooperation and avoid jurisdictional conflicts.

Experts said the creation of the NCS could also stem an erosion of stature at the CIA, particularly in the clandestine operations.

The CIA, which orchestrated America's Cold War espionage activities against the Soviet Union, forfeited its traditional leadership role in the intelligence community as a result of post-September 11 reforms that established Negroponte's position as director of national intelligence.

With morale low and some CIA staff critical of Goss' leadership, the agency has lost several of its most senior clandestine officers in recent months.

The announcement of the new clandestine service comes just weeks after the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence said the CIA was failing to lead U.S. human intelligence efforts and suggested Negroponte take a stronger management role.

But Goss said in a statement on Thursday that the CIA's new role "represents a grant of trust and an expression of confidence in the CIA."

As CIA director, Goss also is pursuing an effort to expand the number of CIA clandestine officers and analysts by 50 percent and to rebuild the agency's global operations.

Negroponte's decision won praise from Sen. John Rockefeller of West Virginia, the Senate intelligence panel's senior Democrat, who had opposed committee criticism of the CIA.

"Director Negroponte has made the right decision," Rockefeller said. "This decision reaffirms the agency's status as the nation's premier human intelligence organization."

U.S. spy agency wants non-citizen recruits

WASHINGTON, Oct. 12 (UPI) -- The Pentagon has increased spy recruitment in the United States and abroad and wants permission to recruit non-U.S. citizens, a report said Wednesday.

"We believe there are potential sources of information in this country we are not tapping right now," Jim Schmidli, deputy Defense Intelligence Agency general counsel for operations, told The Washington Times. "We think there is a potential well of information here."

The Defense Intelligence Agency has recruited 1,000 people since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks to bring its spy count to 7,500. Now it wants Congress to relax a rule that requires hiring only U.S. citizens.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence has endorsed the DIA request, as well as one that would allow the DIA to withhold its affiliation from potential recruits. The FBI and CIA are exempted from such disclosures.

The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence is expected to go along with the plan, the newspaper reported.

The DIA wants people with information about other countries' arsenals, al-Qaida and people behind terrorist bombings.

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Negroponte creates new clandestine service
San Jose Mercury News, United States - 37 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - (KRT) - National intelligence director John Negroponte on Thursday created the National Clandestine Service within the CIA to coordinate US spying ...
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