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Here it is worth quoting again the well-informed remark of a Washington insider about the meta-group's predecessor, BCCI: "Who else could wire something together to Saudi Arabia, China, Israel, and the U.S.?"[123] The current meta-group fills the same bill, for it unites supporters of Muslim Salafism (Saidov) with at least one Israeli citizen (Kosman)"

Kosman works for Michael Chertoff, that is certain.

"The Beyaz Energy group also made known its desire to purchase U.S. nuclear energy consulting firms that maintained access to facilities like Oak Ridge, Los Alamos, and Lawrence Livermore in California. However, at the same time Beyaz Energy was making its play for access into U.S. nuclear labs, Brewster Jennings and Associates, the CIA cover company of Valerie Plame Wilson, was very close to penetrating the Beyaz Energy ring, known to the CIA as part of a major nuclear black market operation involving key players in Turkey, Pakistan, Israel, Iran, and the former Soviet Central Asian states. According to CIA sources, the ring also involved a key ATC ally in Washington -- the America Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a group that provided important access to top U.S. political leaders for Turkish military and industrial chiefs.

When Beyaz Energy began to encounter "consultants" with Brewster Jennings, they expressed an interest to their ATC interlocutors in buying the firm along with other energy consulting companies.

According to U.S. intelligence sources, at the end of June 2001, the FBI intercepted two phone calls from Grossman in which he told the called parties to "stay away from Brewster Jennings . . . they're the government . . . they're nothing but a cover." One of the calls was to a Pakistani Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) top agent in Washington. The other call, bearing an almost identical message, was made to a Northrop Grumman official who was a key player with the ATC. The Northrop Grumman official made a phone call to his ATC handler, stating, "Our guy warned us off Brewster Jennings." A U.S. intelligence source stated that "Grossman's name was all over the FBI wiretaps in 2001" and the name "Brewster Jennings" first became known to the FBI counter-intelligence agents from these intercepts.

According to CIA sources, Brewster Jennings and Associates was "finished" in the Summer of 2001. Plame was transferred to the CIA's Counter-proliferation Division's Joint Task Force on Iraq (JTFI), where she and her colleagues were pressured to come up with "evidence" of Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction (WMDs).

Grossman, who now works for the Cohen Group of former Defense Secretary William Cohen, was, according to U.S. intelligence sources, a subject of interest to counter-intelligence agents since his stint as U.S. ambassador in Ankara. One of Grossman's embassy officials was U.S. Air Force Major Douglas Dickerson, who worked in the embassy's military attaché office and was responsible for logistics matters with the Turkish military. While in Ankara, Dickerson met and later married Melek Can Harputlu, who U.S. intelligence sources claim was on the payroll of the MIT (Mıllı İstıhbarat Teskılati) -- the Turkish Intelligence Agency. U.S. intelligence sources confirmed that Grossman ordered Dickerson to assist International Advisors, Inc. (IAI), a lobbying firm registered in 1989 by Douglas Feith under the stewardship of Richard Perle. The main task of IAI was to represent the government of Turkey in the United States and "promote the objective of U.S.-Turkey defense industrial cooperation."

IAI, for which Feith was CEO and sole stockholder, also steered hundreds of thousands of dollars to Feith's law firm, Feith and Zell (FANZ), which, along with Perle, was involved in setting up the Bosnia Defense Fund and amassed millions of dollars of contributions from Muslim countries for Bosnia. A Riggs Bank source confirmed that Perle was not concerned when it was discovered that Bosnian funds were being used to buy arms that were falling into the hands of Iranian and Al Qaeda units in Bosnia and that when confronted with these problems, shouted to the Riggs interlocutor, "just make it ...ing happen!"

Soon, Dickerson, under Grossman's aegis, was promoted to handle all U.S. weapons procurement for Turkey, Azerbaijan (where Richard Armitage was heading up the U.S.-Azerbaijan Chamber of Commerce), Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Turkmenistan. In 1996, the Defense Department's Inspector General's office launched an investigation of a U.S. military officer at the Ankara embassy who was caught receiving a bribe from MIT agents. Shortly after the investigation started, Dickerson was transferred to a U.S. Air Force base in Germany. Dickerson's wife, Melek Can worked for the German-Turkish Business and Cultural Association, known to be a cover for MIT activities in Germany. In 1997, Grossman left Ankara to head up the State Department's European Bureau."
http://msnbc.msn.com/id/15147001/ Proof Jack Abramoff is a Zionist-Turkish Bagman for these same people. George Bush is all just a Chertoff puppet. These people owe their souls and entire lives to Michael Chertoff.

This is the most grave of the offenses, because the Zionist in charge Michael Chertoff, happens to be closely linked to a great many terrorist attacks worldwide. Not least of which, is the September 11 2001 attack in the United States. And his Mossad agents are very dangerous agents of a criminal enterprise, in the Middle East compiling of and further including the following names.
http://www.whatreallyhappened.com/fakealqaeda.html http://www.tparents.org/Moon-Talks/SunMyungMoon02/SM021215.htm

Specifically Interpol, I bring your attention one Lewis E. Lehrman.. A very unusual case, Lehrman is for certain Chertoff's bagman and a terrorist financier for this network.

Lewis E. Lehrman appears to be a cold calculated Zionist, and his name comes up in many reports as well.
" "Anti-terror officers from Scotland Yard are investigating how one of the 7 July bombers, who worked part-time in a fish and chip shop, left more than £120,000 after his death." (link)
i wonder if he left a will. there's was a lot of speculation at the time that these 4 gentlemen were drug patsies who thoughts they were delivering bombs when they exploded. i didnt give the idea much credence at the time...

* "Abramoff was more than just a corrupt influence-peddler. He had close connections to the underworld of extreme right and fascist elements, both within the United States and internationally. In the early 1980s, Abramoff headed Citizens for America, a group founded by drugstore multimillionaire Lewis Lehrman. In that capacity he organized a meeting of anticommunist guerrillas from Laos, Nicaragua, Afghanistan and Angola, under the auspices of Jonas Savimbi, leader of the South African and US-backed UNITA guerrillas. Savimbi was one of the most notorious mass murderers in Africa." (link)

* from the VF FItz article: "White then made Fitzgerald co-head of the organized crime and terrorism unit in her office, the nation's first. For the next two years, he immersed himself even more deeply in the shadowy world of Middle Eastern terrorism and the culture of al-Quaeda, poring over intelligence reports and translated documents, studying Islam -- including bin Laden's twisted version of it -- interviewing witnesses and defectors, and traveling throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia." (link)
i wonder what he thinks of sibel's case - surely he is aware of it.

* jane notes: " But this is a big problem in doing a story on Fitzgerald; nobody wants to speak ill of the man and that's probably not because nobody has anything bad to say. He's put far too many people in jail for that. More likely a network of very powerful friends in all aspects of law enforcement make people who would otherwise blast him (like opposing defense attorneys) quite reluctant to do so at the moment."

* echidne: "It's stupid to write about what Pat Robertson says. I would never comment on him if we lived in a reality-based world." (link)
so true. so sad."

The other man I want you to look at is a international terrorist apparently closely linked with Chertoff, and Abramoff. And Chertoff is running actual false-flag terrorism around the world using the Department of "Homeland" Security. Do we know everyone who's inside Homeland Security yet? http://www.911blogger.com/node/3128

Mark Gerson is another bagman for these terrorists who apparently knew alot about Oklahoma City and Seven Seven bombings. I want them apprehended for interrogation immediately.

These are serious weapons traffickers who are in all probability planning the third world war just as we speak.
This Zionist terrorist, who helped with the Aparheid bombings in Africa is troubling.

What is his whole story?
That is just the threat we are up against, an international of "Ankara" armed terrorists in the middle-east who are making their staging operations in the United States and through-out NATO territories. Each one of them must be arrested, interrogated, and dragged before the courts to spill everything they know about the international arms trade and nuclear weapons. They are trafficking nuclear weapons with the aid and full assitance, of those like Dennis Hastert in the United States government.

We need to remove and get these weapons traffickers prosecuted, up to and leading to Michael Chertoff and the heads of this criminal estate. Would you know it, that they traffick children everywhere as well?

And were not long ago trafficking the weapons using other heads of state in Europe, which at all cost must be shut down and completely eradicated. That means the entire operation must be torn apart, state by state, piece by piece, and Jack Abramoff should be forced to spill virtually every single thing that he knows.

There needs to be an international raid on Florida- I am requesting direct aid from James Lawrence and former UK Interpol team assigned to Doctor Peter Joyce.
"October 3, 2006 -- Informed sources in Tallahassee, Florida have told WMR that Governor Jeb Bush was fully aware of ex-Rep. Mark Foley's conduct with underage male pages but sat on the information to protect Foley and another top GOP Florida official, Attorney General Charlie Crist, who is currently running for governor to replace Bush. Today, Jeb Bush said he had not previously known about Foley's behavior with the pages before being informed by House Speaker Dennis Hastert in a letter dated October 1, 2006. Bush said he was "dismayed and shocked to learn about Congressman Foley's unacceptable behavior."

However, according to our Florida sources, the FBI and Justice Department informed the Florida Governor's office, Attorney General Crist, and the Florida AG's Child Protection Cybercrime Unit at least a year ago about Foley's predatory emails and instant messages. WMR was told that Crist's conflict-of-interest in the case stems from Crist's and Foley's involvement in gay sex parties, some of which took place during 2003 in trendy Coconut Grove, Florida."
This is the most revolting filthy criminal terrorist network we have ever faced, and its time to stop the coverups once and for all and tear it down before it tries to destroy every country in its wake!


THIS IS NO JOKE. We are talking about serious, evil, international terrorists straight from the Dubai and Israel governments. They must be taken apart piece by piece!
Get a team of agents into the state of Florida, elsewhere on the double to begin looking into these incredibly DEADLY serious crimes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Listen to this: Optional. http://cloakanddagger.de/shows/webcast/IEAR/cloak_bloombrief_Oct.6.mp3 )


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