NO 757 hit Pentagon !!
Sun Oct 8, 2006 23:45

As anyone with half a brain can figure out, it WAS NOT a 757 that hit the
Pentagon !!

Go to any search engine, I used Google, and type in 757. A fully loaded 757 can weigh over 250,000 pounds !!! It can carry over 11,000 gallons of fuel !!! = 96,000+ pounds of fuel !!!

That is 60 tons of airplane plus fuel !!! A west coast flight would have had at least 5,000 gallons of fuel !!!
Do the math, no way in Hell did a 757 hit the Pentagon

Each engine, mounted about 25 feet AWAY from the body on the wings, weighs over 35,000 pounds. A 757 fuselage stands 29 feet tall.

The initial SINGLE hole in the Pentagon,before the collapse, was only about 12 feet high ????

The "plane" hit the ground before hitting the Pentagon.
There was no WING DEBRIS!!!
There was NO LANDING GEAR !!
There was NO LUGGAGE.
There were NO SEATS !!!
There were NO BODIES !!!

Each engine is about 25 feet away from the fuselage. There were NO holes made by any engines outside the fuselage.

It should have looked like this !! Engine, Fuselage, Engine= o 0 o

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